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SPB exclusive: "Still Here" by Howardian

Posted by Loren on April 1, 2019

SPB exclusive: "Still Here" by Howardian
Howardian - The Silly Shit You Say

Today Scene Point Blank is excited to share a video from Howardian’s recently released new album The Silly Shit You Say. “Still Here” comes from Howardian’s sixth full-length, which came out on March 15 on Let’s Pretend/Starcleaner.

“Leaving my old band and starting a new one inspired this song,” Ian Vanek explains, referencing his time with Japanther. “Exhausted and sad, my friend and bandmate Justin Mckaughan helped inspire me to start playing and releasing music right away. Mental Illness and late style art inspired the rest. Making songs and albums well into the future without regard for motives.”

The video was directed by Mustafa Daka, who plays drums on the record. Schuyler Maehl, Scott Brummel, Justin Mckaughan, Flo Amarino, Gardner Allen and Farley Glavin also contributed throughout the process of making The Silly Shit You Say.

Speaking about “Still Here” in particular, Vanek says:

This honest tale of longevity in the face of change and growth embodies Howardian’s spirit. Picking up and moving on, despite it all, is a theme many of us need a constant reminder of. Still Here gives a voice to this journey and space to the traveler. The song stands out as one of the catchiest and saddest songs on the album, perhaps because of Flo Amarino’s accordion playing… In a way this song is about all of the other songs we’ve released.

SPB exclusive: "Still Here" by Howardian
Howardian - The Silly Shit You Say

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