News Videos SPB premiere: "Mood Swings & Roundabouts" by Don't Worry

SPB premiere: "Mood Swings & Roundabouts" by Don't Worry

Posted July 25, 2019, 8:05 a.m. in Videos by Loren
SPB premiere: "Mood Swings & Roundabouts" by Don't Worry

There’s a lot of exciting news about upcoming projects from Essex/London’s Don’t Worry. The band has a new acoustic EP out soon and a UK tour, along with a brand new video to share below.

 The song “Mood Swings & Roundabouts” comes off last year’s Who Cares Anyway? album.

“It’s a song about getting older and wondering if you’re doing life right. Did you choose the right path, or are you wasting your time? It’s also about being fed up, and the old chestnut of having a love/hate relationship with your hometown,” says guitarist/vocalist Ronan Kehoe.

SPB let the band speak to the merits of the video itself, going into great and inspiring detail:

In the first spoken word part of the song I say the line “I am nothing but a forgotten trout, lying on the bench covered in sand and gasping for air.” This is the main inspiration for the music video. We thought we’d take the imagery from that line and take it much further, probably way too far. So I dressed up as an actual trout and went out and about getting up to various fishy mischief: attacking Alex because he’s eating my mate from the fish & chip shop, chatting with the other fishy folk at the aquarium, screaming at some frozen fish fingers. You know, fish stuff. 

We’ve never had any real budget to make any of our music videos, and so we’ve always been conscious that if we were to try to make something serious, we’d probably just end up making fools of ourselves. So we make videos on little to no budget that are hopefully funny or at least just ridiculous and therefore entertaining instead. This is one of the most serious tracks from our album but perhaps the silliest video we’ve made so far. We hope you like it! The rubber fish mask absolutely stunk and I couldn’t get rid of the smell for days afterwards. 

Catch the band next month on the “One Year On and Still Nobody Cares” UK tour.

Who Cares Anyway? is available on red vinyl and CD via Specialist Subject Records.

August tour dates:

20th - Norwich, Rabbit

21st - Liverpool, Craft Taproom

22nd - Glasgow, Bloc

23rd - Cheltenham, Frog & Fiddle

24th - Exeter, Cavern

25th - Bristol, Exchange

26th - Plymouth, The Junction

30th - London, The Old Blue Last

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