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Zeus! and Mike Patton cover The Cramps

Posted by Loren on March 15, 2020

Zeus! and Mike Patton cover The Cramps
photo by Loren Green

A video for a cover of The Cramps'  "Human Fly" is online now (and shared below), by Zeus! with guest Mike Patton on vocals.

The song comes off Three One G's upcoming release #100, a tribute album to The Cramps, titled Really Bad Music for Really Bad People.  Besides Zeus, the comp also features Daughters, Metz, Chelsea Wolfe, Retox, and more.

This video for "Human Fly" comes courtesy of Displaced/Replacedand balanced the original spirit of the song with the modern reinterpretation. Watch it after the jump.

Zeus! and Mike Patton cover The Cramps
photo by Loren Green

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