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About Scene Point Blank

Scene Point Blank is a music webzine founded in March 2003 by four individuals on the AFI messageboard. The site initially began with a focus on hardcore/punk but has since expanded in its seven-years-and-counting history to cover indie, metal, doom, hip-hop, pop, and more. One of the site's early goals to set it apart from competitors was our "multiple author" … Read more


General info Scene Point Blank is a music-based webzine that originated in March 2003. For more info on the site's history, check out the 'About' page. Who do I send promo albums to?! Glad you asked! SPB accepts either digital or physical promo copies of records. Please include the release date and a press sheet or contact info. Items must … Read more

Staff Vacancies

New Writers Are Always Welcome Are you passionate about music and have opinions to share? Do you want to contribute to the scene but don’t quite know how? Consider writing for us.  We’re always on the lookout for motivated new staff to join the team. We’re both collaborative and hands-off at Scene Point Blank. What does that mean? We will … Read more