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We Love Our Enemy EP

Reissues tend to be a funny thing. Sometimes they are done in good taste. To help fans get a hold of an album that went out of print or give them a chance to hear the progression that the band went through. This reissue is done simply for an early EP by this band giving us a look at the progression leading into their first LP.

There is nothing seriously different stylistically from this to their LP. The major change is longer song structures which actually helps the band find their footing in the song and make the most of the atmosphere they create.

Meanwhile Mylene Sheath took the time to put their own spin on this release. Giving the packaging and overhaul leading it to fit in a somewhat similar way to their last release for the label.

All in all this is an opportunity that is far from wasted by the band and label. This release does a very good job of giving the listener a look at the bands history by reissuing a release that was little known before this. Revamping the artwork and production makes this a special treat for the long time listener as well. So while this is not essential by any means it is a very good release for fans of calm post rock.

6.7 / 10Jon E.
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6.7 / 10

6.7 / 10

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