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For as prolific as Aidan Baker is (besides his most known musical endeavor Nadja, he is involved in a slew of other projects as well such as Arc and Infinite Light), his solo material seems criminally overlooked by some (which includes my own self in this group); though maybe this is not a case of overlooking so much as potential listeners being completely overwhelmed by the size of Baker’s body of solo work and not knowing where to actually start (and again, this is partially speaking about myself).

Closure Axioms is pretty close to what I expected in that is full of chilled out improvisational ambient sonic ministrations that are beyond calming, and I think that accurately portraying the sound of this album as what if you took out any trace of the heavy elements of Baker’s Nadja is a fair comparison. At some point while listening to Closure Axioms, I frequently lose track of what track that I am listening to and that is not a cut so much as a testament to how seamless the music that Baker is making fits together (though, I wonder how he decided on the track separation points and what led him to call them the names that he does); the record really could serve as the background sound to whenever you try to relax as there is nothing caustic sounding or in any way really offensive to your ears, but rather the gentle sounds caress and cajole and lull your ear drums to a semi blissful state.

Whether or not Closure Axioms is an exemplary entry into the rather lengthy list of releases from Aidan Baker or not is rather difficult to say given my inexperience with his solo material, but if the sounds on this album are any indication of what his other work sounds like, then a deeper exploration of this part of his creative activity may be warranted; I do enjoy Nadja a great deal and Closure Axioms is not so far removed from that project that I would not be able to tell that the projects are related at their DNA level.

7.0 / 10Bob
KFAI - Undead
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7.0 / 10

7.0 / 10

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