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I care too much about buying records.

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Bird of Ill Omen, Neurosis, Isis, Sunn0))), Cursed, Barrit, Bane, Infest, Coliseum, Breather Resist, Young Widows, Jesu, 108, Black Cross, By the Grace of God, Endpoint, Coalesce, and many more

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The Petrified Forest
Biophon (2017)

How do you keep the creative juices flowing that allow for composition or creation of any kind of artistic work, and where do you find the drive to continue to push your own voice out amongst the screaming throngs? For some that drive comes from within and others from without, but when you are staring down the barrel of a … Read more

Wear Your Wounds

Deathwish Inc. (2017)

Is the world filled with melancholy and sadness that gives way to brief moments of euphoric happiness or joy that carries people from peak to peak, or is that just those of us not blessed with “cheer-y” dispositions nor the ability to feign an air of contentedness or ease? Some people drown themselves in mood altering substances in the hopes … Read more


Dead Oceans (2017)

Why do bands or musical partners decide to reconvene to see if the magic can still be conjured? There a slew of bands that have reunited for various reasons (cash grabs, nostalgia trips, etc) over the last five to ten years that range from exciting to shaking one’s head as to why reunions take place, and then, every once in … Read more

The Slackers

Redlight (20th Anniversary)
Pirates Press (2017)

Has it really been twenty years since this album made its way out into the world? Time does fly by when you are living life, but Redlight does not sound like a two decade old record in the least bit; the Slackers still sound down right in the moment with their second album and that in it of itself is … Read more

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Interviews • April 21, 2014

There have been few bands traversing the musical landscape that create as challenging and thought provoking music as Locrian. Their releases have been exciting and moving in so many ways that it is useless to gush so much that suffice it to say, they have made me a tremendous fan. When I heard that a member of that collective had … Read more

Crooked Necks

Interviews • February 18, 2012

Coming to me via the excellent Handmade Birds label, Crooked Necks dropped into my world via an LP, Alright Is Exactly What It Isn’t, and a Joy Division covers 12” EP with little to no warning as to what I could expect. Then, I sat on both of the records a bit without listening to them until one day, I … Read more

Life in the Dark

Interviews • January 16, 2012

Zen Zsigo is the driving force behind a great many creative projects from labels (Sunyata Recordings, Strange Rules) to music (Maths, Life In The Dark, Livimorket), and Life in the Dark has really just crushed me this year with some of the best music that I have heard. There have already been a multitude of releases from this one man … Read more


Interviews • December 25, 2011

After being inexorably sucked into the first release from the ambient-esque Greys (imagine an ambient act with vocals), In Fades and knowing that an album was forthcoming, I wanted to pick the brain of the artist in the worst way. There was something that struck me about his music that I could not put my finger on by myself; so, … Read more

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It's been a long time

Posted by Bob • March 16, 2008

Last night my band played with Souvenir's Young America, City of Ships, and Monolith at Siren Records in Doylestown, PA; it was a fun time all the bands played real well and were enjoyable to watch. It isn't often that my band gets to play shows that every band on … Read more

In Remembrance of Kid Kilowatt

Posted by Bob • January 29, 2008

So, back when Cave In's Until Your Heart Stops dropped on the hardcore masses several years back, I had the chance of catching the band at Middlesex County Community College. Those who live in or went to shows in Jersey know about this place. Anyway, being the music nerd that I … Read more

Oh you make me smile

Posted by Bob • January 8, 2008

I broke out my CD for the Gehenna- The War of the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness and saw something that always made me smile. Allow me first to preface who this Gehenna is. These guys were a desperate batch of dudes who were rumored to be … Read more

Be Afraid Vol.1

Posted by Bob • July 19, 2007

Part 1: Mission Statement, Introduction, and first terribly nostalgic musing A number of years ago, a few friends of mine, myself, and people who would quickly become my friends used to take over our college's radio station every Wednesday night for what we deemed "Punk Rock" night. It was the … Read more

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Have A Nice Life Post Free Digital EP

Posted in MP3s on March 6, 2010

Have a Nice Life have posted a new digital EP called Time of Land, which can be downloaded at the link.  Here are the details on the release: Time of Land is the name of an E.P. we kind of fell into while working on our next full-length album. It … Read more

Swans Are Not Dead

Posted in Breaking News on January 10, 2010

Micheal Gira recently announced that he will be resurrecting his seminal outfit Swans with not only the possibility of multiple tours but also a new album. To view details click "Read More"   Read more A demo of a new song intended for the new album is now up on … Read more

Southern Lord Signs OM

Posted in Labels on January 21, 2007

Southern Lord Records has announced the signing of OM. Here is the official word: It is with extreme honor that Southern Lord is officially able to announce the signing of San Francisco's OM. OM was formed in 2003 by Al Cisneros (bass/vocals) and Chris Hakius (drums), both founding members of … Read more

Young Widows Album Info And MP3

Posted in Bands on May 29, 2006

The three members of Young Widows emerged from the dissolution of Breather Resist with a new vision steeped in dark, brooding grooves and moody post-punk. From the reverb-drenched inspiration of Regulator Watts/Hoover to the bass and drums lock-groove perfected by Shellac and the Jesus Lizard, Young Widows gladly wears influences … Read more