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Angel Olsen has been very active since the release of her debut cassette Strange Cacti, revealing a very promising work. Her dark indie folk/rock tone had a haunting effect, which peaked with Half Way Home and the excellent Burn Your Fire For No Witness. The delicate folk tones of Olsen were engulfed by a healthy dose of reverb, ample amount of distortion and a general lo-fi perspective. However, My Woman sees a slight departure from the lo-fi mode, and a more straightforward approach in terms of the production.

The minimization of the distortion and more raw production, has given way to a more rounded indie folk tone, without Olsen having to radically change her style in order to produce a different end. And that does not mean that the unconventional characteristics of her previous two albums do not make a return in My Woman, something particularly noticeable in “Pops.” No matter, the record carries a great emotional depth, as was the case with all of Olsen's work, radiating with feeling. Coupled with a distinct balladry, My Woman appears personal and quite catchy, with the lyrical element becoming very powerful.

The indie tone is slightly tampered this time around, to bring a more nostalgic feeling to the front. The mentality is still there, in the structure and instrumentation, and it follows more adventurous pathways, with “Shut Up And Kiss Me,” or more rocky tones, as in “Give It Up,” and some kickass solos also thrown in "Sister." This element ties in greatly with the dark folk tone, also with a quite retro feel to it, which actually goes for a further evolution in include a slight blues twist. The parts in “Heart Shaped Face” follow that mentality, providing a cool vibe as Olsen's vocals lead the way, venturing forth with a heartbreaking premise.

My Woman appears as a record of change for Olsen, but that is the case on the surface. So if you think this album sees a hard turn to pop/rock, do not be alarmed. The soul of Olsen's music has remained untampered, and it proves that she does not need a more extreme production in order to appear interesting. As if we did not know...

8.5 / 10Spyros Stasis
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8.5 / 10

8.5 / 10

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