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Annihilation Time

II (Reissue)

Annihilation Time are a band that has been around for awhile. They play a style of hardcore punk that takes much from old school rock and punk. This is all juiced up and played in a very rock and roll style. With no fucks to be given how anyone feels about it. The band had released this album originally in 2004 on Manic Ride Records which is now defunct. The record solidified their place in a California scene where they remained the odd man out. Not being situated in one genre firmly makes for not only an enjoyable listen but something more interesting than most of their counterparts.
The record itself blows by fast with an emphasis on attitude and swagger as opposed to technicality. This attitude gets parlayed into the production of the album. It focuses on a more grainy and gritty sound rather than making everything clear. The Production itself seems to have been cleared up only slightly from the original release allowing the grittiness to shine through without overtaking the listener.
As a bonus the Bad Reputation EP has been included as well. This long out of print EP did much to offer notice that the band had their own sound and attitude. The artwork has been changed but the song remains the same. Everything here sounds as nasty and visceral as it did before. If you have these records already it would be hard to speak of the necessity of this release. On the other hand, This will hopefully give more people a second chance to discover this overlooked band.

7.8 / 10Jon E.
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7.8 / 10

7.8 / 10

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