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Bazooka hail from Greece and their tumultuous current situation has left its mark on the sound of this band. Lo-fi, double drumming, weirdo psych-outs – it all adds up to an assured debut that buzzes with early 90s garage vibes and 70s punk as well as a nice line in indie melody. “Ravening Trip” sounds like it could have come out twenty years ago but the modern edge is distinct and the fuzzy trip of the song bounds along on to the fun-filled rhythms of “Bye Bye Girl.” The catchy upbeat tempo does much to mask the words and most of the time the only lyrics you can pick out are the titles but hey, it’s good fun and that’s what counts here. 

Bazooka aren’t breaking down any walls with Bazooka but they’re pretty darn good at writing catchy hooks and the fast pace of the record makes it an enjoyable trip into a scene we don’t really hear too much about. “Shame Take My Brain” trips out on spacy guitar progressions and howling vocals while “Kortist Stin Akti” and its entirely Greek lyrics spin out into ever more psychedelic territory and Bazooka continue the trip into the unknown. Fun.

7.0 / 10Cheryl
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7.0 / 10

7.0 / 10

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