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Black Breath came out of the depths of the Seattle hardcore scene about 6 years ago and released a sole demo before getting the eyes and ears of the infamous Southern Lord. Since then they have managed to make a name for themselves playing a well thought out mix of hardcore and classic metal (in this case meaning Motorhead and Slayer).

So after an EP and absolutely vicious LP we are left to discuss their newly minted full length Sentenced To Life. The band waste little time starting putting a raging hardcore song up first. There is a similarity, in general, to site favorites Withdrawal. They both play a somewhat, but not overly technical, style of metalcore with a strong sense of history rather than playing the toughest breakdowns. So generally speaking one should now know where they stand with Black Breath. The first 4 songs remain on track playing hard and fast with a strong sense of skill in the leads and hooks. Things get interesting at the start of "Endless Corpse" starting with a slow semi clean acoustic riff followed by a tasteful dramatic metal riff. This continues building for the first minute and a half before bursting into a barrage of hardcore drums and melodic metal leads that bolster the song and make the most of a dramatic introduction without allowing that piece of the song to take it over and slow it down entirely. Two minutes later we find that opening lead has taken over the song creating a dramatic counter to the brutality that took place just prior.

Overall the record is record in a very clean manner. Everything comes through with a strong sense of clarity. This production choice definitely helps to accentuate their metallic leanings and make the hardcore side stay as a part than playing it up to assist in making them sound more tough. The bonus within this recording, similar to Withdrawal, as well relies on their choice of riffs and vocal parts to help hook the listener while never allowing them to merely overshadow the rest over the band. The mix is smart letting the listener hear each instrument.

If you consider yourself into the holy terror sound, or just miss the days when metalcore wasn't just tough guy vocals backed by psuedo-metal leads and weak breakdowns. This record is for you. It contains the best elements of classic Slayer prime Integrity and the thrust of Motorhead. Needless to say this contains everything you need to obtain both your metal and hardcore fix.

8.6 / 10Jon E.
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8.6 / 10

8.6 / 10

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