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Bloody Hammers

Lovely Sort of Death

Bloody Hammers hail from North Carolina and specialize in doom. The band was founded by Anders Manga, who remains the main songwriter and performer - recruiting others only for tours.

Manga's partner-in-dirge is keyboardist, Devalia and while she has been with Manga since the beginning, it would seem she is poised to assume a larger role with the band's music.

Providing atmospheric accompaniment in the past, Devalia's keyboards are in the forefront of almost every song on the album. While it helps to flesh out the more sparsely arranged tunes like "Shadows Out Of Time", they can come across a bit superfluous on the denser arrangements.

This is Bloody Hammers 4th album and I'm gonna be honest with you - it's really about time more people took notice, because there's some great songs here - as on previous efforts. Aside from the increased keys presence, the biggest change is the production, which had been one of the band's biggest detriments, but here they sound huge - every bit as apocalyptic as they should be.

7.9 / 10Kevin Fitzpatrick
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7.9 / 10

7.9 / 10

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