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KFAI - Undead
Dan Padilla - Sports Fans album cover

Dan Padilla

Sports Fans, 2012

8.0 / 10

Considering the amount of time it took for Dan Padilla to drop their second full-length, last year’s As the Ox Plows, it’s surprising they’re back already with another full-length in ...

The Magnificent - Bad Lucky album cover

The Magnificent

Bad Lucky, 2012

7.0 / 10

As I’ve gotten older, there are punk scenes I shy away from. Among those topping the list is street punk—not to totally write off the subgenre, but a lot of ...

Sundowners - The Larger Half of Wisdom album cover


The Larger Half of Wisdom, 2013

7.2 / 10

It’s been a couple years of seeing Sundowners’ name pop up on show listings around town. Still, I’ve missed them every time. Well, the band has now popped up on ...

Rumspringer - Stay Afloat album cover


Stay Afloat, 2013

8.8 / 10

Every so often bands live up to their buzz. Rumspringer popped onto my radar through the defunct Dangerous Intersections series of 4-way splits from Traffic Street Records. I had one song at home ...

Needles//Pins - Shamebirds album cover


Shamebirds, 2014

7.5 / 10

Needles//Pins are something different in the punk rock realm. Well, that’s not true. They’re entirely familiar and warm, yet they have that pizzazz—that’s what the kids are calling it these ...

Bullnettle  - Bullnettle  album cover


Bullnettle , 2016

7.5 / 10

I discovered This Is My Fist at the tail end of the band’s run, which was unfortunate in that I didn’t get to experience new material or live shows. Throughout ...

Chiller  - Chiller  album cover


Chiller , 2018

8.5 / 10

I’ll admit to coming into this one with a clean slate. I don’t know Feral Trash, who predate Chiller and share members Ilisha and Eric. The duo recruited Erin (Black Tower) ...

Marriage Material - Making the Worry Worth It album cover

Marriage Material

Making the Worry Worth It, 2018

7.2 / 10
200 Words Or Less

I like this Making the Worry Worth It record. That should be all a review needs, right? I say that in part because this 9-minute EP is all over the place, style-wise. Marriage ...

Era Bleak - Demo 2018 album cover

Era Bleak

Demo 2018, 2018

8.8 / 10

Dirt Cult is one of the labels where I’ll check out a band based solely on the label’s history of releasing quality stuff that’s in my wheelhouse. I don’t know ...

Chain Whip - Chain Whip album cover

Chain Whip

Chain Whip, 2018

7.7 / 10

There’s angry music that’s angry in tone, and there’s angry by trope. Chain Whip is just plum angry. When Josh shouts, the first instinct is to take a step back ...

Maniac - Dead Dance Club album cover


Dead Dance Club, 2018

7.5 / 10

Across the board Maniac reminds me of several bands. The vocal timbre of lead vocalist Zache Davis recalls Mark Ryan (Marked Men) and so does the rhythm section, though it’s ...

Future Girls - Motivation Problems album cover

Future Girls

Motivation Problems, 2018

7.5 / 10

Future Girls’ debut full-length is one I’m going to have a tough time describing. Motivation Problems fits well within the Dirt Cult Records catalog. It’s punky, but there’s more going ...

Character Actor - Character Actor  album cover

Character Actor

Character Actor , 2018

7.5 / 10

At SPB, we like to write longer reviews. Reviews that go into depth and give you a reason to read and think about a record instead of just hitting Spotify ...

Neighborhood Brats - Claw Marks album cover

Neighborhood Brats

Claw Marks, 2018

8.6 / 10

I’ve always liked Neighborhood Brats, but I don’t remember the band having so much variation in sound. Over 11 songs, this record maintains their melodic and forward-moving punk but with ...

Dark/Light - Dark Slash Light album cover


Dark Slash Light, 2018

7.3 / 10

Portland’s Dark/Light pronounces their name phonetically, including the punctuation. They’re doubling down on that element by naming this 7”, released this past June, Dark Slash Light. SPB had the pleasure of ...

Pandemix  - In Condemnation album cover


In Condemnation, 2019

8.9 / 10

Pandemix are new to me, and they’re difficult to sum up in just a few words. That’s a complement. It’s punk by genre, but a few subgenre adjectives aren’t going ...

Kira Jari - Spooky Freaky EP album cover

Kira Jari

Spooky Freaky EP, 2019

7.0 / 10

Spooky Freaky is a good debut from an intriguing new-ish band from Texas. Even if the EP name makes me think of “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” each time I read it.The band ...

Fleshies - Introducing The Fleshies album cover


Introducing The Fleshies, 2019

8.0 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Sure, I know of Fleshies but I don’t really know them. I’ve heard the hits over the years, but I’m coming at Introducing The Fleshies from a relatively clean slate. And it’s ...

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