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Neighborhood Brats

Confines of Life
Dirt Cult (2021)

Neighborhood Brats play punk as you’d expect it to sound – regardless of year or era. It’s angry, aggressive and timeless. A review doesn’t require hyphens and subcategories. But while they’re easy to pin into a genre, they remain full of surprises, which is exceedingly rare. For every political lyric, fist punch in the air and shout-along moment, there’s a … Read more


In Condemnation
Dirt Cult (2019)

Pandemix are new to me, and they’re difficult to sum up in just a few words. That’s a complement. It’s punk by genre, but a few subgenre adjectives aren’t going to capture the band. In Condemnation isn’t exactly complex (we’re talking punk rock here), but it’s diverse in subtle ways that keep the energy level high and fresh as it shreds through … Read more


Stay Afloat
Dirt Cult (2013)

Every so often bands live up to their buzz. Rumspringer popped onto my radar through the defunct Dangerous Intersections series of 4-way splits from Traffic Street Records. I had one song at home on the comp., but it never got me deeper into the band’s catalog. Here comes 2013 and the band has released Stay Afloat on Dirt Cult Records—a quick candidate to make the … Read more


The Larger Half of Wisdom
Dirt Cult (2013)

It’s been a couple years of seeing Sundowners’ name pop up on show listings around town. Still, I’ve missed them every time. Well, the band has now popped up on Dirt Cult Records’ roster too, so I figured I was beyond due to see what the Minneapolis band (not to be confused with Lawrence Arms side project Sundowner) is all … Read more

The Magnificent

Bad Lucky
Dirt Cult (2012)

As I’ve gotten older, there are punk scenes I shy away from. Among those topping the list is street punk—not to totally write off the subgenre, but a lot of it gets bogged down in sloppy slogans, ridiculous themes, and a rather rigid dress code. It’s not that I’ve grown averse to a well-written street punk song as much as … Read more