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KFAI - Roar of the Underground
The Splits - II album cover

The Splits

II, 2015

6.5 / 10

I really like Dirtnap Records, but they can’t all be winners. The Splits start off II with a really positive vibe in “Rotten Me,” with a powerful and familiar rock ...

Radioactivity - Silent Kill album cover


Silent Kill, 2015

8.8 / 10

These guys know how to start off a record, with the rapid fire “Battered” pummeling with riffage for the first minute and then Jeff Burke’s familiar vocals chime in and ...

Low Culture - Places To Hide album cover

Low Culture

Places To Hide, 2016

8.4 / 10

Screens, (2013) was damn near perfect. So what does Low Culture have in store with their second LP? It’s not disappointment, that’s for sure. Places to Hide continues their run ...

Drakulas - Raw Wave album cover


Raw Wave, 2016

7.9 / 10

At this point Riverboat Gamblers have enough side projects that there’s almost an expectation of sound before listening, that unifying factor between all the different bands that have spidered from ...

Bad Sports - Living with Secrets album cover

Bad Sports

Living with Secrets, 2016

7.8 / 10

Bad Sports are coming into their own. They’ve always been a solid Denton, TX hyphen-rock band but on their new EP, Dirtnap’s Living With Secrets, the nuances are starting to ...

Mind Spiders - Prosthesis album cover

Mind Spiders

Prosthesis, 2016

8.0 / 10

Mind Spiders continues to be a very accurate name as the sound evolves.The one-time “solo” Mark Ryan project was to be his creative space for worlds outside of the garage-punk ...

Jim and the French Vanilla - Afraid of the House album cover

Jim and the French Vanilla

Afraid of the House, 2017

8.0 / 10

Jim and the French Vanilla is the solo moniker for Jim Blaha, guitarist in The Blind Shake, a band with have several of their own releases, as well as collaborations ...

Lost Balloons - Hey Summer album cover

Lost Balloons

Hey Summer, 2017

7.0 / 10

By now it feels like hitting repeat, but for the uninitiated, Lost Balloons has to be introduced through the Marked Men timeline. The beloved Texas garage-punk band went on hiatus sometime back, ...

Mind Spiders - Furies album cover

Mind Spiders

Furies, 2018

7.8 / 10

While I’ve always enjoyed Mind Spiders, they’ve kind of felt like a side project, an idea that hadn’t really grown into a full-fledged band yet. On each of their releases ...

Proud Parents - Proud Parents album cover

Proud Parents

Proud Parents, 2018

7.5 / 10

With three singers among the four familiar faces of Proud Parents, isn’t no surprise that the record succeeds on the band members’ ability to meet in the middle between different ...

Bad Sports - Constant Stimulation album cover

Bad Sports

Constant Stimulation, 2018

7.5 / 10

With Bad Sports, the songs are often about the hooks. The band utilizes traditional rock structures with song titles embedded in the chorus and predictable progressions. It’s largely about where ...

Good Shade - Way Out album cover

Good Shade

Way Out, 2019

7.7 / 10

Dirtnap is a fascinating label in how they’ve developed a certain sound to their releases, regardless of what part of the world or what particular scene the musicians hail from. ...

The Hussy - Looming album cover

The Hussy

Looming, 2019

8.0 / 10

It’s been fun watching The Hussy grow. All those scuzzy, dirty licks and rough-and-tumble beats of their early work is still present, but on Looming the now-trio lets the once understated melodies ...

Personality Cult - New Arrows album cover

Personality Cult

New Arrows, 2020

7.8 / 10

I like to find new bands. One of the challenges as I get older is exactly that. I listen to a lot of music, but a lot of it follows ...

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