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The Ergs are self-proclaimed dorks. The great thing is that they are dorks that can write some great hooks. Upstairs/Downstairs is simply The Ergs latest example to demonstrate their ability to write infectious songs about girls and other pop-punk staple subjects. Upstairs/Downstairs delivers where their debut full length, dorkrockcockrod, set the stage for and where last year's EP, Jersey's Best Prancers, left you thirsting for more. Upstairs/Downstairs definitely delivers the goods.

The Ergs' albums have a knack for being very prolific (I hate using that word); both of their full-lengths have reached beyond the sixteen/seventeen song mark. With Upstairs/Downstairs The Ergs easily swing past the forty minute point; with many other pop-punk artists this would result in an album full of filler or simply an album that becomes way too repetitive. This definitely is not to true with The Ergs. Upstairs/Downstairs provides one heck of an all around listening pleasure. On the latter half of the album, The Ergs do something that many bands attempt and fail at, and that is experiment with their sound. The title track is musically all over the place, while not getting boring or too weird - proving that The Ergs are even great musicians. Within the title track, The Ergs include all sorts of influences such as psychedelic rock and free jazz that one would never expect out of a band of simple pop-punk nerds.

Upstairs/Downstairs is a perfect album for a mid-afternoon, post-nap listening because the record will essentially work better than two cups of coffee. Fans of bands like The Copyrights, Dillinger Four, Modern Machines, and Grabass Charlestons "“ this album is a must have and will definitely make your top five list for 2007. Do yourself the favor and grab this album, because honestly we all know that Dillinger Four's Civil War won't be released for another two years (if ever) and this will definitely give you something to jam to until that happens. And just a random side note, if The Ergs come to your town make sure not to miss them.

8.0 / 10Rene
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8.0 / 10

8.0 / 10

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