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KFAI - Roar of the Underground
The Cure - The Cure album cover

The Cure

The Cure, 2004

8.0 / 10

Even if you're in a band whose career spans almost 30 years, there is a first time for everything. This is the first time the Cure have released an album ...

Nirvana - With the Lights Out album cover


With the Lights Out, 2004

8.5 / 10

Shortly after Kurt Cobain's death in 1994, a local college radio station DJ took it upon himself to air an entire show of Nirvana material, much of which was rare ...

Sonic Youth - Sonic Nurse album cover

Sonic Youth

Sonic Nurse, 2004

8.5 / 10

Since June, I've been laboring over how to start off a review of Sonic Nurse. Now, it's December, and all I've come up with is a cliche about how I ...

Beck - Guero album cover


Guero, 2005

8.6 / 10

For over a decade, Beck Hansen has staked his name as one of music's most eclectic and eccentric songwriters. Since his 1994 breakthrough record Mellow Gold , made famous by ...

Weezer - Make Believe album cover


Make Believe, 2005

6.0 / 10

By now you've scrolled down and seen that I've given Make Believe a score of 6.0. So you probably think I'm a biased fan who likes this album more than ...

Sigur Rós - Takk album cover

Sigur Rós

Takk, 2005

7.0 / 10

It must be a truly horrible feeling to have the heart and soul you pour endlessly into your music summed up by thousands in one singular, horrendously monotone phrase: 'bath ...

Angels and Airwaves - We Don't Need to Whisper album cover

Angels and Airwaves

We Don't Need to Whisper, 2006

6.4 / 10

So Tom DeLonge finally got his way. Apparently sick of the scatological humor of Blink 182 and ill-received attempts at maturity, the band broke up and he was free to ...

Rise Against - The Sufferer and the Witness album cover

Rise Against

The Sufferer and the Witness, 2006

8.7 / 10

It's always nice when a band that exhibited incredible promise coming up through indie labels continues to show evolution without distancing themselves from their roots once they've hit major label ...

Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped album cover

Sonic Youth

Rather Ripped, 2006

6.7 / 10
Multiple Authors

I love Sonic Youth. I've been a fan from the beginning. So it is with a heavy heart I say that their newest album Rather Ripped is neither Sonic, nor ...

Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped album cover

Sonic Youth

Rather Ripped, 2006

7.6 / 10
Multiple Authors

Rather Ripped showcases a slight stylistic shift for Sonic Youth. Their trademarked noisy dirge rock has been subdued a bit to allow a bit of melody to accentuate the more ...

Rob Zombie - Educated Horses album cover

Rob Zombie

Educated Horses, 2006

7.2 / 10

It's been four and a half years since Mr. Zombie last released an album of new material. That album was The Sinister Urge and I didn't like it. It sounded ...

New Found Glory - Coming Home album cover

New Found Glory

Coming Home, 2006

9.0 / 10

CAUTION: This review was written by someone who DID NOT agree with the Scene Point Blank reviews of New Found Glory's previous album Catalyst. I am all about New Found ...

Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation (Reissue) album cover

Sonic Youth

Daydream Nation (Reissue), 2007

10.0 / 10

When I first heard Sonic Youth, I didn't know about their formidable New York hipster cachet: Glenn Branca confederates, initially hated by Village Voice snob Bob Christgau, ex-No New York ...

Sound the Alarm - Stay Inside album cover

Sound the Alarm

Stay Inside, 2007

4.0 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Sound the Alarm is the latest in a crop of super-young musicians getting a major label deal. And on their debut full-length effort, Stay Inside, they serve up twelve tracks ...

Nirvana - Unplugged in New York album cover


Unplugged in New York, 2007

9.4 / 10

At the risk of sounding like a filthy hippie droning on about the sixties and how you had to be there to understand it, the same could pretty much be ...

Weezer - Weezer (The Red Album) album cover


Weezer (The Red Album), 2008

6.9 / 10

Oh, Weezer. Here we are, album six for the band who've spent an entire career trying to figure out who they are. Are they The Pixies-aping geek rockers with a ...

Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy album cover

Guns N' Roses

Chinese Democracy, 2008

4.2 / 10

It’s been fifteen years since the last release from the “band” known as Guns N’ Roses – seventeen years, that’s not a typo seventeen years since the last batch of ...

The Cure - 4:13 Dream album cover

The Cure

4:13 Dream, 2008

6.5 / 10

A new album by The Cure. This always makes me nervous. One of my favorite bands from old times (my favorite band full stop, according to my Last FM charts), ...

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