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Label: Halo of Flies

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KFAI - Roar of the Underground
Masakari - Eden Compromised album cover


Eden Compromised, 2009

7.5 / 10
200 Words Or Less

After one listen to Eden Compromised, it’s not surprising to find that Masakari take their name from a battle-axe used in ancient Japan. The four songs that make up this ...

End of All - Places album cover

End of All

Places, 2009

8.5 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Sweden is a country known for its thrash and death metal bands. End of All’s name had me thinking of End This Day. And since they are from Sweden I ...

Northless - No Quarter for the Damaged album cover


No Quarter for the Damaged, 2009

9.0 / 10

I could start and end this review with just one word: brutal. Unfortunately, I think my editor would prefer a few more words. This is a four-song 12 inch EP ...

Get Rad - Choose Your Own Adventure album cover

Get Rad

Choose Your Own Adventure, 2011

5.0 / 10

Choose Your Own Adventure is the latest offering from Midwestern hardcore punk four-piece Get Rad.“Be the Wave” is the first track. Seeing as how Get Rad is from Milwaukee, WI ...

Various Artists - Alpinist / Masakari - Split album cover

Various Artists

Alpinist / Masakari - Split, 2011

7.7 / 10

Both Alpinist and Masakari have made alot of progress in becoming well known within the hardcore scene in a rather short period of time. Alpinist hail from Germany and over ...

Protestant - Stalemate EP album cover


Stalemate EP, 2011

7.1 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Since 2004 the crusty troupe of Protestant has been blasting out fierce songs with reckless abandon. So with that said their most recent release, after a nearly uncountable number of ...

Various Artists - Drainland / Enabler - Split EP album cover

Various Artists

Drainland / Enabler - Split EP, 2012

7.7 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Splits are, in general, a simultaneously good and bad thing. For each split that flows and feels strong through out (maybe even introduces you to a new band) there are ...

Momentum - Whetting Occam's Razor album cover


Whetting Occam's Razor, 2012

7.0 / 10

Momentum is a melodic hardcore band from the UK that writes music with a message. Whetting Occam's Razor is a full length that explores many different ideas with smart lyrics. ...

Various Artists - Northless / Light Bearer - Split LP album cover

Various Artists

Northless / Light Bearer - Split LP, 2012

8.4 / 10

Lightbearer and Northless are two bands that tend to resemble parallel curved lines. They share bits and pieces stylistically but never quite touch. Where Lightbearer create atmosphere and spice in ...

Protestant - Reclamation album cover


Reclamation, 2012

7.2 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Protestant have around since 2007, yet it feels like longer. Mind you this isn't a put down as much as it is a reflection upon their multitude of releases. In ...

Jungbluth - Part Ache album cover


Part Ache, 2013

8.5 / 10

Karl Jungbluth was a German communist involved with various resistance groups that stood up against National Socialism and the Nazis. Expectedly enough, he got arrested twice in a decade and ...

Light Bearer - Silver Tongue album cover

Light Bearer

Silver Tongue, 2013

8.1 / 10

The hyper literate lads of Light Bearer have always kept a level of consistency within their records. whether through the content lyrically , or musically the band have always been ...

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