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The hyper literate lads of Light Bearer have always kept a level of consistency within their records. whether through the content lyrically , or musically the band have always been nothing but themselves.

So here the band return with their second official LP and delving deeper into stretched out structures. While the band have never written "short" songs on this album the band truly spread their wings opening with a song that reaches over 18 minutes. This wouldn't be worthy of noting if it weren't for the fact that the band refuses to be boring. While at times quiet or concentrated on building tension before release the band has made certain every note played on this record has a defined place and exists solely where it should be.

While most bands would be happy enough finding one good riff and allowing repetition to take it from there Light Bearer take the Isis formula to the next logical step. Where Isis would bring in their concepts and even allow moments of normality within their structures Light Bearer seem to thrive on refuting that option in instead continuing to build creating song structure that reach for the sky but somehow remain strong enough to avoid toppling over.

If one has the patience to give a record about 80 minutes of their lives the will be rewarded in this case with something that feels very complete and quite special.

8.1 / 10Jon E.
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8.1 / 10

8.1 / 10

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