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A Day To Remember - And Their Name Was Treason album cover

A Day To Remember

And Their Name Was Treason, 2005

4.0 / 10

We've all done it - you mention a band unfamiliar to your friend and they'll ask "What does it sound like?" and being lazy North Americans we'll often reply with ...

Life in Your Way - Ignite and Rebuild album cover

Life in Your Way

Ignite and Rebuild, 2005

3.9 / 10

Oh jeez, another one of these bands. You know the kind - screamo/emo band who wants anything but to be labeled as such. They come up with alternate and sometimes ...

Various Artists - Dead Band's Party: A Tribute to Oingo Boingo album cover

Various Artists

Dead Band's Party: A Tribute to Oingo Boingo, 2005

0.5 / 10

The 80's weren't really as bad as those VH1 specials make it out to be. Sure the fashion of those years was pretty atrocious, but try going to a concert ...

Struckdown - Revolution album cover


Revolution, 2006

3.9 / 10

I hate one-sheets. In case you are not as media savvy as everyone else, a one-sheet is a sheet of paper that labels send out with their promo releases to ...

Bombshell - To Hell with Motives album cover


To Hell with Motives, 2006

2.0 / 10

It's never really a good sign when the first thing that pops into my head when I listen to To Hell with Motives is "ugh." The CD starts off earnestly ...

Your Eyes My Dreams - Weapons are Useless album cover

Your Eyes My Dreams

Weapons are Useless, 2006

0.0 / 10

Of all of the promos in the pile in the corner of my room, Weapons are Useless has been languishing there the longest, festering silently, crying out to be reviewed. ...

Across Five Aprils - Collapse album cover

Across Five Aprils

Collapse, 2006

0.0 / 10

December 14, 1999: Poison the Well's Opposite of December was re-released and marked the end of metallic hardcore as everyone before it. Before "Nerdy" made all the mixtapes there was ...

Pechblende - Collapse album cover


Collapse, 2007

8.0 / 10

I very nearly saw this band, in a barn, no less. From the time I saw the flier I was stoked on the show; black and white crass styled font, ...

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