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Kill Your Idols - From Companionship to Competition album cover

Kill Your Idols

From Companionship to Competition, 2005

6.5 / 10

he new Kill Your Idols record, From Companionship to Competition, is the best mediocre record since Shutdown's Against All Odds was released in 1998. I don't know about you, but ...

Piebald - Accidental Gentlemen album cover


Accidental Gentlemen, 2007

8.8 / 10

I appreciate humor in music. Being a literary nerd, there's nothing more satisfying than catching a good pun or play on words in the midst of a steady rock beat. ...

Big D and the Kids Table - Strictly Rude album cover

Big D and the Kids Table

Strictly Rude, 2007

7.7 / 10

Ska is dead. Is ska dead? For many of us the answer is yes. I'm sure several of you reading this are doing so simply for nostalgia's sake - a ...

Chuck Ragan - Los Feliz album cover

Chuck Ragan

Los Feliz, 2007

8.0 / 10

Chuck Ragan used to play guitar in Hot Water Music, who happened to be one of my favorite bands of all time. He left Hot Water Music to lead his ...

Dusty Rhodes and The River Band - First You Live album cover

Dusty Rhodes and The River Band

First You Live, 2007

7.5 / 10
200 Words Or Less

With an Americana backbone, Dusty Rhodes and The River Band play a type of rock similar to CCR, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and other sixties acts that incorporated a ...

Goldfinger - Hello Destiny album cover


Hello Destiny, 2008

6.0 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Men in their late-thirties making vague statements about the future’s uncertainty under the guise of it being punk rock, there’s something concerning about this. It’s as if their quarter-life crisis ...

The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound album cover

The Gaslight Anthem

The '59 Sound, 2008

8.5 / 10

Make no assumptions about it, The Gaslight Anthem are one of the best active rock and roll bands. You can argue over whether they are a punk band or a ...

Anti-Flag - The People or The Gun album cover


The People or The Gun, 2009

6.5 / 10

It takes a lot for me to completely lose faith in some of my favorite bands, and I came pretty close to completely giving up on Anti-Flag after the disaster ...

Broadway Calls - Good Views, Bad News album cover

Broadway Calls

Good Views, Bad News, 2009

8.0 / 10

It has been two years since Broadway Calls last graced us with a full-length release. But in that time the band has been keeping busy. Their last record caught the ...

Chuck Ragan - Gold Country album cover

Chuck Ragan

Gold Country, 2009

8.7 / 10

When Hot Water Music vocalist/guitarist, Chuck Ragan released Feast or Famine, it took a lot of fans by surprise. There have been a lot of punk musicians who form acoustic ...

The Casualties - We are All We Have album cover

The Casualties

We are All We Have, 2009

6.0 / 10

Yes, this is the same Casualties which have been producing album after album of spiky haired “drunk” punk for some years now. But first, please allow me to digress and ...

Big D and the Kids Table - Fluent In Stroll album cover

Big D and the Kids Table

Fluent In Stroll, 2009

1.0 / 10
200 Words Or Less

I have to admit that normally I am not a big horns fan. It really has to take the song to another level for it to do anything for me. ...

Chuck Ragan - Covering Ground album cover

Chuck Ragan

Covering Ground, 2011

7.5 / 10

With guest spots from Brian Fallon (Gaslight Anthem), Chris Phillips (Squirrel Nut Zippers), Frank Turner, Audra Mae, Rick Steff and Todd Neene (Lucero), and Christopher Thorn (Blind Melon), it would ...

Title Fight - Floral Green album cover

Title Fight

Floral Green, 2012

8.5 / 10

Title Fight is an intriguing band. While 2009’s The Last Thing You Forget caused many to pigeonhole them as another band heavily indebted stylistically to an array of bands from ...

Dave Hause - Resolutions EP album cover

Dave Hause

Resolutions EP, 2012

7.8 / 10
200 Words Or Less

We've finally come to the last of Dave Hause's EP series. The final EP comes from Side One Dummy and features covers of Flogging Molly's "Whistles the Wind" and Audra Mae's song, ...

Restorations - LP2 album cover


LP2, 2013

7.0 / 10

Is classic rock punk now a genre? I don’t have a whole lot of background with Restorations, other than catching half a set at Fest 11 last year. The energy ...

Chuck Ragan - Till Midnight album cover

Chuck Ragan

Till Midnight, 2014

7.2 / 10

It’s almost at the point where Chuck Ragan has reinvented himself. Sure, he’s always had the voice and he’s done the countrified thing in the past with Rumbleseat, but the level ...

Andrew Jackson Jihad - Christmas Island album cover

Andrew Jackson Jihad

Christmas Island, 2014

8.5 / 10

Andrew Jackson Jihad make a return on their new label home, Side One Dummy, after a long tenure on Asian Man Records. Usually when a band makes a jump after ...

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