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Good Views, Bad News

It has been two years since Broadway Calls last graced us with a full-length release. But in that time the band has been keeping busy. Their last record caught the ear of Adeline Records, who re-released it, as well as the excellent split 7” with Teenage Bottlerocket last year. In addition, the Oregon trio has kept to the road including dates on Warped Tour and with Alkaline Trio. All this has led to a new home with Side One Dummy for this, their sophomore full-length.

Good Views, Bad News is an album that doesn’t stray far from what has brought Broadway Calls to this point. They maintain a fairly straightforward pop-punk sound over these eleven songs, the majority of which clock in right around the three-minute mark. What’s the point of writing a punk song that is more than three minutes anyway? Any more and you're just showing off.

“Midnight Hour” leads the album off and it’s a fitting re-introduction to the group for anyone that may have forgotten. Guitarist/vocalist Ty Vaughn starts off the song with a simple riff and his slighty raspy delivery before the song kicks in full-force. The rhythm section of Josh Baird (drums) and Matt Koenig (bass) follow the flow of the song perfectly, whether it is the mid-tempo riffing or the faster paced portions of the song. The song is absolutely catchy; you really can’t help but enjoy the song and bob your head along.

Lead single “Be All You Can’t Be” continues this approach of mixing the traditional pop-punk approach of Jawbreaker and Osker with a slightly more pop direction of Green Day. It’s an easy comparison to make, but it is a fitting one. The trio blasts through track after track of this upbeat pop-punk formula that they’ve concocted. “Basement Royalty” is a power-chord frenzy cut filled to the very end with sing-alongs. “Give Up the Ghost” reminds a bit of Latterman or Dillinger Four, but a little more poppy. “Best Year” takes a more rock-based approach, almost sounding like the Foo Fighters at points, which is by no means a bad thing.

If I had one complaint about the album it would be that the there aren’t as many shifts in pace as found on the band’s last outing. They seemed throw a twist or two with slower tunes - even some acoustic - where as this album is fairly fast and upbeat. The only exception to this would be the closer “At the End,” which maintains a slower tempo throughout.

The end result for Broadway Calls on Good Views, Bad News is a welcome extension of their fusion of pop-punk and rock and roll. In spite of their previous output and this new full-length, I still feel Broadway Calls will remain, for the time being, an under appreciated band, which is a travesty. They haven’t quite grabbed the attention of the world just yet, but sometimes the best bands aren’t the most well known ones.

8.0 / 10Michael
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8.0 / 10

8.0 / 10

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