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Baby Guts

Guilt Ridden Pop (2007)

The profound influence of punk on the grunge movement should not be understated. By the time it had reached national recognition, that lineage wasn't as obvious as it was in the beginning. But my point is that when stripped down to its bare essentials, grunge is, much like 80s hardcore, loud, fast, angry, and an embodiment of youth. This brings … Read more

Baby Guts

The Kissing Disease
Guilt Ridden Pop (2008)

I have to wonder what rock critics would've done without L7 and Babes in Toyland, as it seems every writer feels compelled to make comparisons to these bands whenever a female-fronted group is being discussed. That said, Minneapolis' Baby Guts show a bit of the ol' influence themselves. This is no sludgy L7 stuff and there's no pitch-shifting Bjelland on … Read more

Baby Teeth

For The Heathers
Lujo (2006)

Baby Teeth made For The Heathers on a dare, with each of the three members of the band working in isolation from home. Sequestered with only imagination as a barrier, the dramatic differences between each member's effort is both a shock and a pleasant surprise to the listener that can only be understood as separate entities with only the name … Read more


Down in Albion
Rough Trade (2005)

Pete Doherty has spent the last year in and out of tabloid magazines for many different things: drugs, Kate Moss, fighting, Kate Moss on drugs, causing everyone that is involved in the music industry (it seems) to comment on him, 'crazy' live sets and more drugs. All this comes off the back of two just above average albums with his … Read more

Back When

We Sang as Ghosts
Shock Value (2005)

Escaping cliches can be difficult. In 2005 the instrumental metal band has become its own cliche, along with their album's reviews. Being referred to as a Neurosis-rip off or an Isis-wannabe has become a formality for these bands, and sometimes it isn't even the bands fault. Reviewers are often guilty of only looking towards the genre defining or benchmark bands/albums … Read more


Deal With the Devil
6131 (2009)

This EP is fairly similar to another recent 6131 release from Bad Seed. This isn't a bad thing. This is a renaissance of sorts for heavy NYHC. Where Bad Seed seems to fail for most is that they don't exploit the grooves they can get into. On the other hand, Backtrack has yet to find a groove they don't like … Read more

Bad Astronaut

Twelve Small Steps, One Giant Disappointment
Fat Wreck Chords (2006)

Before the release of Twelve Small Steps, One Giant Disappointment, frontman Joey Cape willingly admitted that the record does not measure up to what it should have been, and not many bands would ever publicly admit something like that, but not many bands have experienced the tragedy that befell Bad Astronaut. The band's co-creator, drummer, and one of Cape's best … Read more

Bad Braids

Arrow And Orb
Music Ruins Lives (2011)

Intimate little records and intimate settings will stick with people for a while if they are struck in such a way where the performance just hits them the right way when and where they need it to mark the moment as memorable; quiet whispers and frantic yelps may spark the memory later or some ghost sound that speaks the necessary … Read more

Bad Brains

Build a Nation
Megaforce (2007)

These reunions need to stop. Gorilla Biscuits? Cool. Bold? Okay. Bad Brains? No. Honestly, what was Beastie Boy Adam Yauch thinking when he was producing this pile of garbage known as Build a Nation? Truth be told, I'm relatively new to the Bad Brains catalog. Having listened to them for only a year or so, I'll admit they are a … Read more

Bad Kisser

Bate Kush
Independent (2014)

Bate Kush, the second short release from a side-project of drone and ambient musician Foie Gras known as Bad Kisser, presents the listener with a conundrum. The EP has eight extremely noisy and lo-fi tracks, only two of which last more than ninety seconds. Honestly, the brevity of the songs here isn’t really an issue nor is the very rough … Read more

Bad Lovers

Four Bad Lovers Sitting in a Tree
Independent (2008)

Bad Lovers is a new project from members of Restrained. This Los Angeles-based punk outfit offers four songs on their demo recording. Musically, I am reminded of The Jesus Lizard, Sonic Youth, late Black Flag, and other noise-punk outfits. You've got that down and dirty approach to punk with droney riffs and the little flairs of grunge and metal inserted … Read more

Bad Mask

Strange Phrases
Independent (2011)

Bad Mask are a fairly new band hailing from New Jersey. The band deals in semi technical Metal. While not being as technical as some bands they tend to carry the torch of early Dillinger Escape Plan. Meaning that they go through more than a few time changes within their songs. There is a heavy focus on dissonant riffing and … Read more

Bad Reaction

Had it Coming
Reflections (2008)

Had it Coming is my first exposure to Los Angeles' Bad Reaction, but apparently this recording is a CD version of their previously released 7"s Dare to be Dull and Plastic World, plus a choice cover. Bad Reaction play fast punk influenced hardcore. All but one of the songs here end up under two minutes. As expected, that means the … Read more

Bad Religion

New Maps of Hell
Epitaph (2007)

Bad Religion may not need any introduction due to their notoriety in punk, hardcore, and various independent and even some mainstream circles, but there are several impressive facts that New Maps of Hell bring to light with its release to the public. One, Bad Religion is, minus a few break ups in the eighties, closing in on thirty years of … Read more

Bad Secrets

Bad Secrets
Robotic Empire (2009)

Considering the make up of this musical project, my interest is rather high with several questions bubbling to the surface, mainly concerning what Bad Secrets sounds like. In any event, being made up of Evan Patterson (Young Widows, Breather Resist, Black Cross, and The National Acrobat) and Dan Davis (of Kodan Armada) will certainly turn some heads when Bad Secrets … Read more

Bad Seed

Bad Seed
6131 (2009)

Members of Title Fight do a hardcore band, neat. The four songs on this platter remind me of early Merauder crossed with Cold World for a knockdown drag out testosterone fueled mosh fest. The songs themselves aren't bad as who ever writes the riffs is either brilliant or just knows what songs to rip off. If you enjoy NYHC played … Read more

Bad Sports

Dirtnap (2013)

Bad Sports want you to turn it up. They play loud rock, rooted in the elements, but not tied to rollicking times or anti-authority volume, but taking that foundation and blending it with a fundamental structure that pulls from The Ramones and draws melodic ideas from the genres forefathers in the 1960s. It’s got that Ramones-y repetition/simplicity (“Let Me In”), the lovelorn … Read more

Bad Sports

Constant Stimulation
Dirtnap (2018)

With Bad Sports, the songs are often about the hooks. The band utilizes traditional rock structures with song titles embedded in the chorus and predictable progressions. It’s largely about where they kick the extra energy into their songs that sets them apart, and it’s usually got a bit of swagger when they do kick.“Gains and Losses” is a really good … Read more