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KFAI - Roar of the Underground
Eddie Spaghetti  - The Value of Nothing album cover

Eddie Spaghetti

The Value of Nothing, 2013

7.0 / 10

For Eddie Spaghetti’s third solo LP, he’s taken a moment to quiet it down and get introspective while seeking answers to life’s big questions: meaty topics such as “If Anyone’s ...

Edie Sedgwick - Her Love is Real... album cover

Edie Sedgwick

Her Love is Real..., 2005

7.7 / 10

Taking his moniker from the notorious Andy Warhol actress and one time girlfriend of Bob Dylan, Justin Moyer of El Guapo/ Supersystem has created for himself a whole new persona. ...

Editors - In Dream album cover


In Dream, 2015

7.8 / 10

Long considered the perennial sons of British 1980s post punk, Editors have never quite been able to shake off the Depeche Mode and Joy Division comparisons that are a near ...

Editors - Violence album cover


Violence, 2018

7.8 / 10

Editors first appeared as part of the British indie music scene in 2003, when there was a swell of guitar bands dominating the charts. They released their Mercury-nominated debut album ...

Ef - Ceremonies album cover


Ceremonies, 2013

8.5 / 10

Ef are an unusual band, and not just for their inexplicable fear of breaking their precious consonant-to-vowel ratio. Their take on the inexorably-expanding post-rock scene is a highly unique one, ...

Efrim Menuck - Plays "High Gospel" album cover

Efrim Menuck

Plays "High Gospel", 2011

9.0 / 10

Thank goodness I have musical OCD. I likely would not have even known this album existed if not for my compulsion to check and re-check the post-rock section of my ...

Eight Bells - The Captain's Daughter album cover

Eight Bells

The Captain's Daughter, 2013

3.0 / 10

Sometimes, the best plan can be to have absolutely no plan. Occasionally, a band can inadvertently create something truly unique and enjoyable that defies all categorization. More often, a band ...

Eksi Ekso - I am Your Bastard Wings album cover

Eksi Ekso

I am Your Bastard Wings, 2008

6.7 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Eksi Ekso is a group of six musicians from Boston. Their debut, I am Your Bastard Wings, highlights a musical prowess that dances between free-form and orchestrated. The breadth of ...

El Chupa Cobras - El Chupa Cobras album cover

El Chupa Cobras

El Chupa Cobras, 2008

5.5 / 10

El Chupa Cobras belong to the breed of bands that, aside from having amusing names also have extremely short attention spans and exponentially spastic approach to creating music. This kind ...

El Ten Eleven - Every Direction is North album cover

El Ten Eleven

Every Direction is North, 2007

9.2 / 10

Some would argue that post-rock has, in recent years, become overpopulated with carbon copies of Explosions in the Sky. Although I am not so sure about that myself, I can ...

El-P - Cancer 4 Cure album cover


Cancer 4 Cure, 2012

9.0 / 10

A man such as El-P is an anomaly to say the least. To fully describe his music in genre labels or easily identifiable terminology is almost an exercise in futility ...

El-P - I'll Sleep When You're Dead album cover


I'll Sleep When You're Dead, 2007

9.0 / 10

Nas' latest release makes the claim that hip-hop is dead. If he paid attention to the underground, he'd know the genre is not only alive and well but with a ...

El-P & Killer Mike - Run The Jewels album cover

El-P & Killer Mike

Run The Jewels, 2013

9.2 / 10

Run the Jewels could easily have been a victory parade after the momentous 2012 that Killer Mike and El-P had. Before declaring themselves an actual duo, the two artists were both ...

Electric Funeral - Total Funeral album cover

Electric Funeral

Total Funeral, 2014

6.0 / 10

Total Funeral is the entire anthology-to-date of Electric Funeral, the one-man Swedish raw punk hobbyhorse manned by Jocke D-Takt. And holy crap is it ever unnecessary. We’re talking about 53 songs ...

Electric Horsemen - Electric Horsemen album cover

Electric Horsemen

Electric Horsemen, 2006

7.8 / 10

Somewhere - where I have no idea - the idea that traditional stoner-rock could get a huge kick in the ass by adding some of the successful elements of "hardcore" ...

Electric Wizard - Time To Die album cover

Electric Wizard

Time To Die, 2014

8.0 / 10

Somewhere along the way (and it's hard to say when exactly), but somewhere along the way Electric Wizard became more than a band. They became an idea. They became an ...

Elizabeth - Where Vultures Land album cover


Where Vultures Land, 2012

7.0 / 10

Throatruiner Records have steadily increased their presence in the world of black/hardcore/completely mad music of late, and this little French label continually put out some of the most exciting and ...

Elliott - False Cathedrals album cover


False Cathedrals, 2000

9.0 / 10
Classic Album

There are those records out there where people can point to them as a turning point in their musical taste or a shift in their musical aesthetic and say that ...

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