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KFAI - Roar of the Underground
Nai Harvest - Hold Open My Head EP album cover

Nai Harvest

Hold Open My Head EP, 2014

8.5 / 10

Nai Harvest released this four song EP earlier on this year and I've been meaning to listen to it for a while now and man I wish I hadn't waited. ...

Nai Harvest - Whatever album cover

Nai Harvest

Whatever, 2013

8.5 / 10

I unfairly judged Nai Harvest at first glance. Band name: wacky. Album title: hip self-awareness masquerading an average sounding record. Genre: Emo. Oh emo, we meet again old foe. A ...

Nails - Abandon All Life album cover


Abandon All Life, 2013

7.9 / 10

The only reason Metallica is supposedly used as a torture tactic in Guantanamo is because the C.I.A. doesn't know about Nails. I mean that to sound neither glib nor uncomplimentary - there's ...

Nails - Unsilent Death album cover


Unsilent Death, 2010

8.0 / 10

Sheer brute force is the best way to describe this album from Nails (featuring ex-members of Carry On); Unsilent Death (the second release from this outfit) is a short sharp ...

Naïve Sense - Self Titled EP (2017) album cover

Naïve Sense

Self Titled EP (2017), 2017

7.7 / 10

“If I am unable to transform you into a Naïve Sense fan, then I have not done my job.”So begins “Win a Trip to Vegas: Heavy Metal Bikini Contest/Men’s Support ...

Names for Graves - Worst Kid Ever album cover

Names for Graves

Worst Kid Ever, 2005

7.0 / 10

Sandusky, Ohio is home to Cedar Point Amusement Park, the rollercoaster capital of the world. About 45 minutes due east is the blue-collar city of Cleveland, whose hardcore scene has ...

Napalm Death - Scum (Reissue) album cover

Napalm Death

Scum (Reissue), 2007

9.0 / 10

Surely by now, almost everyone within the underground music community has heard of Napalm Death. If you have not yet (what rock have you been living under?), check out Albert ...

Narrows - Narrows album cover


Narrows, 2008

8.5 / 10

The first mentions of Narrows are enough to give someone chills, particularly if that individual is a fan of any of the groups from which this outfit sprang. Thinking on ...

Narrows - New Distances album cover


New Distances, 2009

8.0 / 10
Multiple Authors

Yes, this is finally out and not a moment too soon! The first Narrows full-length, New Distances, is indeed finally available for the shattering of our ear drums. And it ...

Narrows - New Distances album cover


New Distances, 2009

9.0 / 10
Multiple Authors

Narrows return to the musical fold with their debut full-length and follow-up to last year’s very impressive self-titled EP. Like many others, when news of this project was first announced, ...

Nas - Hip Hop is Dead album cover


Hip Hop is Dead, 2006

8.8 / 10

A hip hop album hasn't sparked this much controversy in years. The title led to many rappers taking great offense. Specifically, southern artists like D4L and Young Jeezy got heated ...

Nathan Ellis - Self Titled album cover

Nathan Ellis

Self Titled, 2012

7.0 / 10

Mr. Ellis has already accomplished a great deal in his musical “career” (I say it this way because somehow I doubt Nathan Ellis is rolling deep in the dough from ...

Nathan Xander - The Fear album cover

Nathan Xander

The Fear, 2009

6.4 / 10

Every once in awhile you try out an album and it becomes a happy accident. These albums become special to you because you just took a chance and found something ...

Native - Orthodox album cover


Orthodox, 2013

8.4 / 10

It's been a while since I've been this interested in a post-hardcore record. Native seem to have that effect on me. As a band, they're too often overlooked, brushed aside ...

Natterers - Head In Threathening Attitude album cover


Head In Threathening Attitude, 2018

9.0 / 10

Sometimes I like my punk straightforward. Give me some power chords, play them high speed, high energy for one to three minutes and I’m a happy man. Sometimes I like ...

Nazca Lines - Untitled EP album cover

Nazca Lines

Untitled EP, 2010

7.0 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Seattle based Nazca Lines have been garnering rave reviews since their formation in 2005 have a new three song EP which highlights the new and hopefully final incarnation of the ...

Nazoranai  - The Most Painful Times Happens Only Once Has It Arrived Today? album cover


The Most Painful Times Happens Only Once Has It Arrived Today?, 2014

7.7 / 10

The guys participating in Nazoranai, do not really need much of an introduction. Stephen O’Malley of drone doom overlords Sunn O))), Australian guitarist Oren Ambarchi (who acts as the drummer ...

Neal Eles - As Night Sinks album cover

Neal Eles

As Night Sinks, 2006

8.2 / 10

Neal Eles sounds like Jose Gonzales. It's that simple. Maybe Jose Gonzales sounds like Neal Eles, or maybe they both sound like someone else? Who knows? It's that gentle singer-songwriter ...

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