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Unsilent Death

Sheer brute force is the best way to describe this album from Nails (featuring ex-members of Carry On); Unsilent Death (the second release from this outfit) is a short sharp shock of hardcore crunch that smacks you in the face and then asks if you would like another during the course of its ten blasts. Seriously, it has been a while since a record just sounded this pissed off and angry; and Unsilent Death is the sound of three dudes (THREE!) that are pissed at absolutely everything.

Not a single track on Unsilent Death allows listeners the luxury of taking a break from the constant onslaught that Nails blasts out on this beast of an album that brings to mind early Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Discharge (all huge compliments to be compared to in my book) while not sounding like a rip off of any of them. The beefy sounding production helps to drive each brutish salvo of a song down the listeners’ throats (or ears actually in this case), and is one impressive aspect of the album. The simple but effective quality of these songs also serves to reinforce the sledgehammer-like attack of Nails here, and there are quite a few highlights on an album with no weak tracks: “I Will Not Follow” (and its ruthless breakdown), “Scum Will Rise” (simply vicious), “Traitor” (with its similar quality and subject matter as Integrity’s “No One”), and the crushing riffing and guitar squealing of “Depths.”

Without a doubt, Unsilent Death will be seeing continuous heavy rotation in sound systems of hardcore fans, junkies, aficionados, what have you simply because it is one hell of a record; realistically, Nails is one of those bands that do not come along often, but when they do it is quick and harsh punishment that burns out quick. Hopefully, there is more to come from this trio, but even if Unsilent Death (and its predecessor Obscene Humanity) is all that we get to hear, it will be entirely worth it; time will tell, but this just might be one of the best releases this year.

8.0 / 10Bob
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8.0 / 10

8.0 / 10

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