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O Pioneers!!!

Neon Creeps
Asian Man (2009)

With their Asian Man debut, Neon Creeps, O Pioneers!!! is trying to make a name for themselves while upping the ante on stupid punctuation in band names. What I hear is a sloppy three-piece punk band with hints at a more minimal and sometimes folk-punk style. I call them a three-piece, but the band is clearly Eric Solomon's baby, as … Read more

O Pioneers!!! / The Anchor

Triumph of Life (2008)

The great state of Texas offers up two songs a piece from O Pioneers!!! and The Anchor. In the works for over a year, this split 7" is finally available to all who boast a beard! O Pioneers!!! offers up two cuts of dirty punk that will appeal to anyone who loves Asian Man and No Idea Records. I've had … Read more

Oak & Bone

Oak & Bone
Hex (2009)

Oak and Bone hail from upstate New York, but when you listen to their debut 7" you would definitely not assume that by any guess. While their history is rooted in hardcore punk, the three-piece from Syracuse take a different approach to the style. The 7" opens with "On Your Own or Not at All," which is a sludgy punk/grunge … Read more


Sige (2015)

Oakeater is a Chicago outfit formed in the mid '00s. I must admit I was not familiar with their work before I saw that the band would be releasing their newest album, Aquarius. However, a listen of their cassette, Intrusion, got me interested so I started digging. Apart from a few standalone releases on cassette format, as well as their … Read more


Deathwish Inc. (2012)

Oathbreaker are a Belgian hardcore (for lack of a better expletive) band with a tendency towards fast-paced metal riffs and an evil, crusty tone. This is their first release for Deathwish Inc. and a fairly solid debut that I’m sure will turn at least a few heads and gain them a few fans. The vocals are the standout performance of … Read more


Deathwish Inc. (2016)

Starting off with an unusual combination of crust, hardcore and black metal, Oathbreaker have evolved significantly since their debut album, Maelstrom. The follow-up album, Eros/Anteros saw a further evolution of their sound, with post-metal elements beginning to populate their palette. This slightly eased the connection between hardcore and black metal, and resulted in a more expansive vision. Rheia comes now … Read more

Obscurus Advocam

Verbia Daemonicus
Battle Kommand (2007)

I've been told that France has been home to a few good bands over the years, but like you, aside from Air I'd be hard pressed to name them. Sure we've read about those wacky French kids jumping on the church-burning, murderous bandwagon, but can they play music? Well, let's just say they try, but don't quite get there. Obscurus … Read more


Nothing Collapses
Copper Lung (2009)

Chicago natives Oceans offer up nine tracks with sixty minutes worth of music on their debut effort. The five-piece maintain a post-rock inspired craft throughout the bulk of the full-length but also find ways of incorporating mid-90's emo and post-hardcore sounds into their songs. Nothing Collapses begins with "Lit Up Under Streetlights" and you get eight minutes of light-footed post-rock … Read more


Beggars Banquet (2004)

A lot of my friends feel they have a duty to recommend me music. I don't mean to sound conceited, but I'm quite an educated individual when it comes to music of multiple genres. So when a friend suggests something to me, it's more often than not something I've already heard. But if I do have a weak spot in … Read more


Superball (2007)

Staying certain to an unspoken pattern of two years between releases, Oceansize has returned to us with their third full-length album. Including the bonus track, "Voorhees," Frames clocks in at over a monstrous hour and fifteen minutes, a feat that similar, non-established progressive artists have little courage for testing on the streams of today's steadily decreasing attention spans. Brave you … Read more


Music for Nurses
Beggars Banquet (2004)

For Oceansize, 2004 has been quite a delightful year. The band saw the re-release of their debut full-length, Effloresce, here in the US as well as a mini-tour that followed. They were able to conquer our fair country despite the geographical distance from their home. And with the most recent release of their new EP, Music for Nurses, they are … Read more


Hydra Head (2008)

Metal is constantly making relatives with classical and orchestra. Sometimes though, you have to remember why they are separate. Mick Barr is a very gifted individual; Wikipedia calls him "an American avant-garde metal guitarist." Though I would say his ability to shred with a relentless speed make him more than just that. He is more notably the second half of … Read more

October Falls

The Plague of a Coming Age
Debemur Morti Productions (2013)

Starting life as a one-man instrumental outfit by M.Lehto in 2001, October Falls soon began to incorporate other members as well as a more metallic approach to the black metal genre and in 2007 The Streams of the End signalled a huge step for the band in terms of musical stance. Their music is steeped in the history of their country (Finland) and a … Read more


Halfway Homeless
Deadverse (2008)

Oddateee is the first artist signed to Dälek's Deadverse Recordings label. As a result of this I instantly knew the music, lyrics, and delivery would not be your everyday rap/hip-hop… and that is a good thing. Halfway Homeless is an intriguing mash of traditional hip-hop with that of jazz and noisy indie rock. Over the course of these twelve songs, … Read more

Odious Mortem

Cryptic Implosion
Willowtip (2007)

Odious Mortem's website describes their sound as employing "technical, dark, and experimental aspects of the death metal genre." When I think death metal I think Nile, Suffocation, maybe even Slayer. Odious Mortem are what Slayer might sound like if you replaced Kerry King with a jet engine. Vaguely reminiscent of early Fear Factory and Dillinger Escape Plan, for the most … Read more


Conversations EP
Independent (2017)

Ódú, aka Sally Ó Dúnlaing, is an Irish singer songwriter who crafts sonic heartbreak packaged in a glossy sheen of danceable pop. Born in New York and raised in the Irish seaside town of Bray, Ó Dúnlaing's Conversations EP is the singer's first foray into putting her music on record. After a period of time spent questioning whether she was … Read more


One Man's Trash
Holy Terror (2012)

It may be safe to say that since the Holy Terror Record label has been revived they have managed to get on quite a roll. The records they have released have all managed to be a bit different while still carrying a certain aesthetic darkness. With label mates such as Sutekh Hexen and Cape of Bats gaining more and more … Read more


The Den Recorders (2008)

Oedipus, a three piece making more noise than a three piece rightly should, manage the type of grandiose guitar rock both melodic and epic, while never coming across as trying too hard. Their latest EP, Covetous, offers seven over-sexed, balls out, tracks at a clock time of just under half an hour. Vocalist/bassist Jeremy Haffner's harmonic wail sets the band … Read more