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Sakes Alive!! - Act II album cover

Sakes Alive!!

Act II, 2009

7.5 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Act II is the second in a series of three 7” to come from Sakes Alive!! and this one picks up where the hardcore group last left off. “The Open ...

Sakes Alive!! - Presents album cover

Sakes Alive!!

Presents, 2007

8.0 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Sakes Alive!! hails from Rochester, NY and this is the band’s debut offering. Interesting enough, this recording actually started as the project of one individual, Chris Vandeviver. I’m not sure ...

Salt the Wound - Carnal Repercussions album cover

Salt the Wound

Carnal Repercussions, 2008

6.0 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Cleveland-based Salt the Wound has been festering in the depths of the metal world since their formation in 2001. With the release of their debut full-length, Carnal Repercussions, the band ...

Saltlick - A Face Only a Mother Could Love album cover


A Face Only a Mother Could Love, 2005

5.5 / 10

In recent years country and folk music have had a significant increase in their influence in the genres of indie rock. We have seen albums from Bright Eyes, Sufjan Stevens, ...

Samamidon - All is Well album cover


All is Well, 2008

8.5 / 10

Whether or not a band is unknown is pretty subjective. While I was at the Portraits of Past reunion show in Berkeley recently, many passers-by and uninformed parents continued to ...

Samiam - Orphan Works album cover


Orphan Works, 2010

7.5 / 10

We haven’t heard a new album from Samiam in 5 years. However, in 2010, they did release a rarities collection of outtakes, radio performances, and live recordings. Even some covers ...

Samiam - Whatever's Got You Down album cover


Whatever's Got You Down, 2006

7.5 / 10

Samiam have been around since the birth of time, big in Europe, and just happen to be one of my favorite bands ever. They did break up in 2001 after ...

Samothrace - Life's Trade album cover


Life's Trade, 2008

8.0 / 10

Doom metal is something that's an acquired taste; either you're a fan of it or you're not, and those who are fans of it will probably go crazy over Kansas ...

Samothrace - Reverence To Stone album cover


Reverence To Stone, 2012

9.0 / 10

Doom quartet Samothrace follow up 2008’s widely acclaimed Life’s Trade with the majestic and tragedy filled Reverence to Stone. Comprised of two tracks, “When We Emerged,” - a reworking of ...

Satan's Wrath - Galloping Blasphemy album cover

Satan's Wrath

Galloping Blasphemy, 2012

8.3 / 10

As a disclaimer of sorts I tend to look at bands overplaying the "we're so evil, look at us" card as cheesy and heavy handed. Hence my lack of interest ...

Satellite State - Satellite State album cover

Satellite State

Satellite State, 2008

8.5 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Four-song EP from this U.K. band that will be sure to make waves across the globe. Imagine yourself driving down the highway, maybe a bit too fast. This would be ...

Saturday Looks Good To Me - All Your Summer Songs (Re-Issue) album cover

Saturday Looks Good To Me

All Your Summer Songs (Re-Issue), 2012

8.5 / 10

Have you ever gone to a show for one artist or band that you look forward to seeing so much and, instead, walk away talking about one of the openers ...

Saturday Looks Good To Me - Every Night (Reissue) album cover

Saturday Looks Good To Me

Every Night (Reissue), 2012

8.0 / 10

Imagine my pleasant surprise when the reissue of the long out of print vinyl version of the Saturday Looks Good To Me album Every Night was announced, and even pleasant surprise might be underselling ...

Saturday Looks Good To Me - One Kiss Ends It All album cover

Saturday Looks Good To Me

One Kiss Ends It All, 2013

8.0 / 10

A void was left in the world for those that enjoyed the jangly indie pop of Saturday Looks Good To Me when the group disbanded sometime following a tour in 2008 leaving ...

Saul Williams - The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust album cover

Saul Williams

The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust, 2008

8.4 / 10

It’s been over sixteen years since the death of Robert Lee Maupin, otherwise known as Iceberg Slim. An African-American author and poet responsible for works such as Pimp: The Story ...

Saves the Day - Sound the Alarm album cover

Saves the Day

Sound the Alarm, 2006

7.3 / 10

It's been noted that the names of New Jersey's Saves the Day's records have been somewhat contradictory to the bands' career: Can't Slow Down, Through Being Cool, and Stay What ...

Saves the Day - Under the Boards album cover

Saves the Day

Under the Boards, 2007

7.8 / 10

Part two in the trilogy of concept (small C) albums, Under the Boards sees Saves the Day back on a quick release schedule. This follow up to Sound the Alarm ...

Saviours - Crucifire album cover


Crucifire, 2006

6.4 / 10

I had been listening to this record for almost three weeks trying to place the sounds and get some kind of footing for writing about Crucifire. After completing some minor ...

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