Cattle Decapitation
Karma. Bloody. Karma

Metal Blade (2006) Kevin Fitzpatrick

Cattle Decapitation – Karma. Bloody. Karma cover artwork
Cattle Decapitation – Karma. Bloody. Karma — Metal Blade, 2006

Well what can you say about a group like Cattle Decapitation? First and foremost…they're not emo. Secondly, they have a new album out called Karma. Bloody. Karma, and thirdly…it's one of the best albums of the year. One of the most criminally underrated bands on the grind/gore-core scene should finally get their due. Underrated because let's face it, the genre overall doesn't leave a whole lot of room for growth, and the fan base will often be pretty unforgiving when attempts are made. Karma. Bloody. Karma stands proof positive that there can be growth, there can be an evolution that can and should withstand the utmost scrutiny from any who would dare compare previous albums with the most jaded of agendas.

Unrelenting from start to finish, this is the kind of album that sets the bar high for all that would follow. The album possesses more song structure and length than their previous works that, along with the chaotic precision they've been building to all these years, brings to mind the music being released by their brethren in The Locust. I don't know how the man does it, but vocalist Travis Ryan has again managed to plumb the depths of his nether regions to provide a prime example of what could only be described as the grind equivalent of Tibetan throat singing.

As direct and spit in your face as the lyrics were before, they sounded downright folksy compared to these new tunes. You can relax, carnivores - they don't just sing songs about eviscerating you anymore. They hate the whole fucking world and everybody in it. Don't believe me?

Thousands of years of bipedal mammalian hierarchy! / Swept clean by the neolith - the war to end all whores / of earth / …of all things. What it touches it turns to death / No more. Never again. The world now rid of humans / De-evolution from "Suspended in Coprolite"

Still not convinced?

Cataclysmic upheaval of every scar left by man / Payback is a bitch and we call her "mother earth" / She shivers we fall, she vomits - we drown / We are the cancer and in turn we are killers from "The New Dawn"

I tell ya, kids - hippie environmental rhetoric has never sounded so appealing. If all hippies were like this, I guarantee Woodstock would've been a bloodbath. The only bath those filthy bastards would have seen in quite a while, I might add, but I digress…

The world isn't pretty anymore. It's not safe and it sure as shit isn't innocent anymore. But it's albums like Karma. Bloody. Karma that make me glad that the world's in the state that it's in because otherwise bands like Cattle Decapitation wouldn't exist. Well, they would, but then they'd be fronted by Dave Matthews.

Cattle Decapitation – Karma. Bloody. Karma cover artwork
Cattle Decapitation – Karma. Bloody. Karma — Metal Blade, 2006

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