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HEY YOU! Metal Blade! Century Media! Lifeforce! Earache! All you record labels down with the metal: LISTEN UP!

Chosen is an independent metal band hailing from Ireland and I can say with all sincerity that the fact that none of you have stepped up and signed these guys is a Goddamn travesty. Granted, this might be due to the fact that the band is currently without a vocalist, but if the three tracks included here are any indication, this is only a minor setback. These guys know how to knock the shit out of a song; they do it with skill, originality, aggression, and undeniable talent. The fact that they are currently without a vocalist means nothing. I’m almost concerned that the addition of a singer and anything that they might desire to bring to this already well-stocked table might spoil this rock-solid band, but I doubt it. With the amount of discipline and dedication to their craft shown here, guitarist Paul Shields, drummer David McCann, and bassist Matt Gaynor have things well in hand. And the mere fact that they’ve been looking for the better part of a year now shows that they’re not willing to settle just for any slob that staggers along. These guys mean business.

All previous released demos are so fully realized in their vision, execution, and packaging that really - are you listening, labels? - all that’s required is to release them either individually as-is, because despite their D.I.Y. ethos, these albums look better than most shit released nowadays, or compile all the demos onto one release, dividing them into the Fragment suites if so desired and wango-bango, you’ve got an album that metal fans will be dying to hear once they see the beautiful full-page ad in the next issue of Revolver, Metal Hammer, or Kerrang.

Want the stuff re-recorded? The band would be more than happy to oblige, I’m sure, but for God’s sake let them produce it themselves; they don’t need any fancy schmancy famous producer, they’re doing great with getting their sound down without one, thanks. Save the money for their advances and the ad campaign.

So, what do they sound like, you ask? Well if you’re looking to comparisons to well known bands of their ilk, like say Nevermore, I won’t oblige. Know why? It's because they’re better than that. It’s more complex, more structured and more textured than bands like Nevermore could hope to be. Sorry Worrel Dane, I don’t mean to throw your band in the shit. It’s nothing personal, but when I see a band like Chosen working their asses off to seemingly no notice outside of their own little microcosm, I get irate. There’s never a shortage of mediocrity; bands like Chosen should be on Gigantour. Not fucking Life of Agony and Fear Factory, for God’s sake. Are you listening Mustaine?? I’m sorry I took the Lord’s name in vain, but it’s for the greater good.

For you folks out there, until these guys get signed, go to their site and order all the demos you can. Bug your local indie CD sore to stock them. Bug your local metal show to play them. Get the word out. Chosen is one of the best bands you’re likely to hear this year and they deserve it.

8.2 / 10Kevin Fitzpatrick
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8.2 / 10

8.2 / 10

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