Code Orange

Roadrunner (2017) Kevin Fitzpatrick

Code Orange – Forever cover artwork
Code Orange – Forever — Roadrunner, 2017

Code Orange are really hardcore. Not the genre, the noun. As a descriptive and an ethos, they wear it well. Forever is the band's first album with Roadrunner Records and it's gargantuan, throwing down the gauntlet for the next generation of heavy music.

It's probably no coincidence that the band hail from Pittsburgh, because there's a strong working-class sound and attitude that permeates every track. These former Kids are playing their genitals off and spilling their entrails all over songs like "Spy" and "Kill the Creator".

Code Orange straddle a number of genres, taking the best aspects of each and spitting it out like acid. I don't think it would be hyperbole to say that despite being such a young band, Code Orange are trailblazers. They aren't a band that I would list five of their influences. They're a band that in a very short time we're going to be hearing from younger upstarts listing Code Orange as their main influence. 

Code Orange – Forever cover artwork
Code Orange – Forever — Roadrunner, 2017

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