The Dusk In Us

Epitaph\Deathwish Inc (2017) Kevin Fitzpatrick

Converge – The Dusk In Us cover artwork
Converge – The Dusk In Us — Epitaph\Deathwish Inc, 2017

Out of all the bands painted with the seemingly ubiquitous metalcore tag, Converge seem both the most likely to accept the term graciously and rip your throat out for the mere suggestion. But really, they are a true amalgam of both - the sound is the heavy and the vocals and attitude are the core.

The Dusk In Us is the band's ninth studio album and it could very well be their best release ever. You would think that would signify some sort of change in style or direction, but no. It's everything a Converge fan can expect - nothing but heavy grimness dripping from the speakers.

Guitarist Kurt Ballou again works the knobs at the mixing board (or whatever the fuck that means nowadays) and he's provided a fuller, richer, more...majestic sound than previous albums. Tracks like "Arkhipov Calm" and "Trigger" find the balance between immediacy and space, while the title track are all about atmosphere. That inner claustrophobia we've all experienced. 

It took five years for Converge to release The Dusk In Us. The longest span between albums yet. We can only hope for a quicker turnaround next time, because as soon as those last notes fade, the immediate loss is palpable and you're left with no choice but to put it on again.

Converge – The Dusk In Us cover artwork
Converge – The Dusk In Us — Epitaph\Deathwish Inc, 2017

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