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Drivin' N Cryin'

Songs From The Laundromat

Drivin’ N Cryin’ formed in Atlanta back in 1985 have announced their plans to release four EPs over the next year. The first in the series showcases their Southern Rock style, each of the following EPs will focus on a different genre of the Drivin' N Cryin' sound.

The EP Songs From The Laundromat opens with the gritty rocker “Dirty” featuring a straight ahead guitar assault with solos derived from the southern rock bands these guys were born and bred on, new guitarist Sadler Vaden brings an amazing set of chops to this band and this song in particular.

“Ain't Waitin' On Tomorrow” is another one that has country roots that are kicked up a notch with a  Dusty Hill bass line starting it all and the guitars building throughout the song. If you like the sound of ZZ Top with a pinch of Drive By Truckers you will love this one it has it all and the amps sound like they are turned up to eleven throughout the song.

From the first jangly notes of the song “REM” you are drenched in the sound that conjures up the eighties version of the revered Georgia band R.E.M. The band does a great job capturing their sound both musically and lyrically ending with the phrase “This Is A Public Service Announcement” which holds its place in R.E.M. folklore.

“Baloney” is a thirty-two second blast from the days of punk rock, with a cranking bass line, loud grungy guitars and vocals that are over before you know it. Overall the song may be a lead in teaser for the next EP in the series.

The final tune “Clean Up” is a breezy song with a different feel to it from the earlier ones on here while still southern in style it has a vocal shift that doesn’t push the southern twang. It’s a lyrical story about “Cleaning up the mess you made, here you are stuck on the ground” and “Lean against the problems you had” all sung with a beautiful lilting guitar line playing in the background making it sound like a song you would listen to on a sunny day cruising with the top down.

Overall the EP is a feast of the Drivin’ N Cryin’ style of country rock, it hits the best of the genre in the four full songs on the record and the band even throws in a slice of “Baloney” as well, how could you miss.

9.0 / 10Scott Wilkinson
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9.0 / 10

9.0 / 10

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