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Electric Chair
Social Capital

Iron Lung (2021) Loren

Electric Chair – Social Capital cover artwork
Electric Chair – Social Capital — Iron Lung, 2021

This is short, fast, loud; brutal, punishing stuff. Ripping straight into it with “Bastard,” the first verse is spit-shouted in a way that, to normal people who don’t listen to this kind of thing all the time, will literally sound like he’s saying “blah blah blah, fuck shit.” It’s damn fast, and damn angry.

But speed and intense drumming isn’t enough for a good song. The chords rip and rage, but with alternately winding and chunky bridges that add layers to the fury. Those in-between moments aren’t just a pause to catch one’s breath; tonally it gives both momentum and direction to the chaos.

This 7” has 6 songs total and they each sound like timeless hardcore with heart, fury and adrenaline that doesn’t let up until the needle slips off the wax. It’s exactly what you want in the style, mixing it up just enough that all the songs sound different while merging together into riotous blast at roughly five minutes per side. The songs run at such a high rpm that the 3:03 title track that closes it out feels like a marathon.

8.5 / 10Loren • June 14, 2021

Electric Chair – Social Capital cover artwork
Electric Chair – Social Capital — Iron Lung, 2021

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