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Ephel Duath

On Death And Cosmos

Releasing new material for the first time since 2009, Italian avant-garde/progressive/jazz/black metal group Ephel Duath cast aside their woes and channel their frustrations into On Death and Cosmos. Having been incredibly prolific before the sudden enforced hiatus after 2009s Through My Dog’s Eyes, Ephel Duath return with a refreshed group of musicians, a three track EP and a new outlook. On Death and Cosmos is a loose concept album that focuses on the transformation felt after a monumental and life-changing experience and the music contained within ebbs and flows with a celestial majesty.

Ephel Duath introduce this EP with dissonant structures of sound and off-kilter time signatures and the band have always resided in that unknown sphere of difficulty. Rhythms rise and fall with much in common with say, Deathspell Omega’s incredible use of odd arrangements and Ephel Duath splice their avant-garde outlook with rich textures and deeply affecting melody. Gorgeously bass heavy tones introduce “Raquia” and the group’s jazz influences filter through the delicious drum sound and into the cadence of the track. Davide Tiso’s gravelly voice fills the spaces in between with a knowing terror and new addition Karyn Crisis adds a touch of harmony to the screamed vocal lines.

Closing this taste of the direction Ephel Duath are taking, “Stardust Rain” sweeps with bass-laden splendour. Again curious in its time changes this track takes a slower approach to proceedings initially before the pace begins to advance towards the inevitable end and a divinely tortured closure. Ephel Duath are back. And On Death and Cosmos is magnificent.

8.0 / 10Cheryl
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8.0 / 10

8.0 / 10

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