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Hoo boy! What am I really supposed to say to introduce The Eradicator. The concept is based on a Kids in the Hall sketch, and it definitely draws some inspiration. But it’s also hard to picture the small stature, screeching Bruce McCulloch character being into this style of hardcore. He seems more like an Iron Maiden kind of guy to me. But, that’s neither here nor there. Peak Eradicator is the concept band’s second full-length and at this point The Eradicator band is its own monster. It’s fan fiction, chapter two: a new realm.

While I might question how the genre fits the original sketch, it definitely fits the themes of individuality, being an outsider, and confronting challenges, which comprise most of the material here. After an intro track, “Warpath” kicks it into full fury immediately. It’s punchy, scream-along hardcore with big hooks and a “whoa-oh.” The shout-outs in “Judge, Jury, & Eradicator” maintain a similar energy. There’s a lot of 1990s fist-pumping heavy-style stuff here, complete with high-energy breakdowns, chant-along moments and emotive, pleading breakdowns (as in “Homesick”). There are also influences of hip-hop that seep into a couple of tracks, like the beats in “Warpath,” “Future Olympian,” and “Baby You’re So Worth The Investment.”

To pick a single song to relay what The Eradicator is all about, I’d pick “Judge, Jury, & Eradicator.” The lyrics are absurd, ridiculously confrontational but…the classic riffage and shout-outs are just plain good and catchy. While the gimmick behind the band is amusing, it’s not worth much if the music doesn’t stand up. Expanding on that, it can get a bit too jokey too. Intro “Call the ERA DIC ATOR” is more of a mood setting intro than a full song. Later, “The Ultimate Irony” begins with a skit and the some is basically a continuation of joke even once the music starts. This song unfortunately changes the flow for the record of the record – which is too bad because when it rages the shreds, Peak Eradicator is some fun stuff. The record is a serious rally at times, but when it hits the tin it loses momentum.

7.1 / 10Loren
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7.1 / 10

7.1 / 10

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