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Motion City Soundtrack fans rejoice this EP simply titled #2 from Farewell Continental, is a side project of lead singer Justin Pierre’s. This is actually their second EP and contains six tracks of tunes available in two media choices, vinyl or digital download. This is one of the bands still pushing the vinyl media choice, their first EP was a clever square picture disk which I am certain you collectors already have. As far as the band goes it is hard to get any information from them as Farewell Continental seem to not want you to know who they really are. When you go to the band site the members’ names are simply listed as follows:
Richard Kimble
Allie Fox
Rick Deckard
Jack Ryan
Dr. Norman Spencer
Thoroughly researching these names it turns out that they are from Harrison Ford’s résumé i.e. parts he has played throughout his career. They boast members from Trace The Skyline and Small Towns Burn A Little Slower, and vocalist/guitarist Kimble is a dead ringer for Motion City Soundtrack’s Justin Pierre. They prefer to let their music do the talking rather than rely on the past production. These six tracks on the EP bring you back to ’90s indie rock, with a sound that brings reminds me of Pavement, My Bloody Valentine, or The Flaming Lips.

The first tune titled “The Great Decay” begins with a layered guitar buildup that transitions into a beautiful melody showcasing the vocal balance between Fox and Kimble. The second song “She’s a son of a bitch/She’s a son of a whore” is a great song with a great chorus delivered as a pop melody in spite of the message behind it. “Camera Ready Kids” and “Western Boys And Girls” are just overall great indie pop rock songs that would fit perfectly into any indie movie soundtrack, while “Total Devastation” is a brooding tune that reminds me of something Dinosaur Jr may have done. The final song on the EP is a trippy cover of the Graham Nash song “Our House” that doesn’t really fit with the flow of the total EP but is done well regardless.

Overall great EP that gets better with each listen, it comes highly recommended.

8.5 / 10Scott Wilkinson
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8.5 / 10

8.5 / 10

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