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KFAI - Undead
Gatorface - Sick and Stupid album cover


Sick and Stupid, 2009

5.5 / 10

The name had me thinking hardcore, and the inclusion of ex-New Mexican Disaster Squad only solidified that thought, but Gatorface plays pretty much straight-up pop punk with a strong 80s ...

Foundation - Chimborazo album cover


Chimborazo, 2009

7.0 / 10

I like to refer to Foundation's self-titled record as campfire punk. It takes basic punk songs (often from the Ann Beretta catalog) and strips them down to the acoustic basics. ...

Shook Ones - The Unquotable A.M.H. album cover

Shook Ones

The Unquotable A.M.H., 2009

8.8 / 10

Now on their third album, Shook Ones already have a pretty solid reputation. After the melodic hardcore masterpiece that was Facetious Folly Feat, I thought it would be difficult to ...

The Riot Before - Rebellion album cover

The Riot Before

Rebellion, 2010

7.0 / 10

Early releases from The Riot Before have had an undeniable feeling that the band was primarily Brett Adams’ project. Although they have a handful of releases under their belt, the ...

A Loss For Words - Motown Classics album cover

A Loss For Words

Motown Classics, 2010

7.0 / 10

A Loss For Words are an above average pop punk band. That is a rather general statement but, noting that i have listened to their previous work i can say ...

Let Me Run - Broken Strings EP album cover

Let Me Run

Broken Strings EP, 2010

8.1 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Let Me Run managed to get alot of recognition in 2009 very quickly. This maybe be because of their jersey roots and owing much in sound to one Gaslight Anthem. ...

A Wilhelm Scream - Self Titled album cover

A Wilhelm Scream

Self Titled, 2010

8.6 / 10
200 Words Or Less

A Wilhelm Scream are back. After a period of absence the mighty punks from the northeast are back. The band seemed to dissapear for a period after their last full ...

Make Do and Mend - End Measured Mile album cover

Make Do and Mend

End Measured Mile, 2010

8.7 / 10

This has been one the more highly anticipated records within the punk and hardcore scene in this year. How does a band overcome scene hype and shit talk to make ...

Blacklist Royals - Semper Liberi album cover

Blacklist Royals

Semper Liberi, 2010

6.4 / 10

Paper + Plastick seem to release new albums by fairly new bands at a pretty regular clip. Blacklist Royals are just the newest in that line. The band plays what ...

The Dopamines - Expect The Worst album cover

The Dopamines

Expect The Worst, 2010

7.5 / 10

The Dopamines first caught my attention when they released a 7” that pays homage to the Big Black Songs About Fucking cover. Sure, they sound nothing like the seminal Chicago ...

The Gamits - Parts album cover

The Gamits

Parts, 2010

9.0 / 10

What do you get when you throw Jawbreaker and Alkaline Trio into a blender? One of the finest pop-punk albums of the year. The Gamits’ Parts takes a competent formula ...

Hellmouth - Gravestone Skylines album cover


Gravestone Skylines, 2010

8.7 / 10

Much can be said on the history of Hellmouth. The band led by former Suicide Machines vocalist Jay Navarro and containing members of various other Michigan hardcore bands. The band ...

Farewell Continental - EP #2 album cover

Farewell Continental

EP #2, 2011

8.5 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Motion City Soundtrack fans rejoice this EP simply titled #2 from Farewell Continental, is a side project of lead singer Justin Pierre’s. This is actually their second EP and contains ...

Dave Hause - Resolutions album cover

Dave Hause

Resolutions, 2011

9.0 / 10

Dave Hause is no secret to anyone that listens to punk rock. He is known for being one of the better storytellers in modern punk. After years in a variety ...

Rust Belt Lights - These Are the Good Old Days album cover

Rust Belt Lights

These Are the Good Old Days, 2011

8.6 / 10

There is a ridiculous amount of variation in pop punk as of late. There was one band back in the early days that crossed between pop punk and hardcore in ...

The Riverboat Gamblers - Smash/Grab EP album cover

The Riverboat Gamblers

Smash/Grab EP, 2011

8.2 / 10
200 Words Or Less

When The Riverboat Gamblers released their last full length, Underneath the Owl, many fans were put off by the cleaner production and poppier approach. Their newest EP, Smash/Grab, was a ...

Junior Battles - Idle Ages album cover

Junior Battles

Idle Ages, 2011

7.5 / 10
Multiple Authors

After a few years of EPs and splits, Canada’s Junior Battles finally released their debut full length this Summer on Paper + Plastick. With speedy riffs, dual, and gang vocals, ...

Junior Battles - Idle Ages album cover

Junior Battles

Idle Ages, 2011

7.4 / 10
Multiple Authors

Junior Battles have made their name touring and releasing a few splits over the last year or so. So what does a band with a short history do when they ...

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