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Say hello to your new favorite band. Well, that is, of course, if you enjoy a band that blends upbeat punk, infectious pop hooks, and even a dash of melodic hardcore flavoring. Fireworks hail from the unlikely location of Detroit, Michigan and, while they are not everywhere yet, with their new EP, We are Everywhere, in hand, the band is going to be very soon.

Fireworks kicks off the EP with "From Mountain Movers, To Lazy Losers." One could loosely describe the sound of Fireworks here as pop-punk, but there are small elements of other styles of music permeating from their music, not unlike The Movielife's This Time Next Year. Mixed amidst the bubblegum power pop-punk riffs and catchy one-liners are intricate guitar melodies and grooves of indie rock and even some hardcore-esque gang-vocals. "The Midnight Society" is a great follow-up track; I am especially fond of the drumming, something that doesn't get much credit in music these days unless you're in a tech-metal band. Seriously, playing drums is hard - I tried it!

If there were to be a single, "Cardellini" would be that song. The chorus features the infectious hook "Calling all cars, we got an emergency / we'll clear the streets on the count of three / to make way for the parade." Sure it sounds like a b-side from Fall Out Boy's Take this to Your Grave, but that is a damn good record.

"You Weren't Born with a Bag of Sand in your Hands" is another song with a great chorus "Friends are your friends, not your competition / Living a life of high five interceptions / and you'll never play for this team." Expect to see that line in AIM profiles and Myspace accounts in the near future. "Michigan Boys Needs to Get a Clue" and "Don't Blame it on the Ocean Floor" round on this fantastic EP with more of the goodies that were showcased in the previous tracks. The EP concludes after a short recess in silence with an acoustic number. While I'm not really sure on the background for this song, but it seems to emote a traditional emo message, i.e., a girl and a boy parting ways and his confronting the idea of being alone.

We are Everywhere is quite the debut from these five fine gentlemen from Detroit. With some substantial touring and press I can see these guys getting huge. They definitely have the talent and the heart; all they need now is the big break.

8.5 / 10Michael
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8.5 / 10

8.5 / 10

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