Reviews Fucked Up Year of the Pig (Reissue)

Fucked Up

Year of the Pig (Reissue)

A re-release of an EP that came out last year from this overrated punk band from Canada that someone inked a deal with indie's scared cow of a label, Matador Records. If you haven't heard Fucked Up in a while you may remember a time where they wrote sarcastic bites of simple punk rock. If you listen to then now you might think it's a whole different band. Alas, it isn't. Fucked Up likes to write epic songs these days and none of them are done in a couple of minutes. Think of pianos, guest female vocalists, and long long... so long songs. Sure the songs themselves are good building driving tunes with downright genius lyrics. But you know who else wrote long songs? The Eagles and The Grateful Dead. This EP comes off as another bloated attempt of 70's stadium cock rock filtered through a snotty, snobby, art school gone way too punk rock. If you really need to hear three different edits of an eighteen-minute song with three other throwaway songs then by all means pick this up. I can only imagine what clusterfuck of a double album that Fucked Up is going to release later this year.

4.7 / 10Jason
KFAI - Roar of the Underground
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4.7 / 10

4.7 / 10

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