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Thinkin’ About It

There are certain musical styles where I struggle as a reviewer to offer you my deep thoughts beyond yay or nay. Power-pop is definitely one of those areas, and that’s the label I’d slap on Full Sun. Thinkin’ About It is a 10-song blast of high energy, upbeat jams.

Over the course of the record, every band member shines. The bass line in “Stick It” carries the song, moving from a rumbling rhythm to funky swagger and back. Then immediately after, the guitar intro to “So Mean” sets a new tone: forceful and driving, but taking some reflective intermissions. “Cmon Baby Why” is a personal favorite, with some nice pop movements and earworm melodies.

As a whole, the melodic vocals give a sunny disposition to the whole Full Sun record (get it?) but what sets the group apart is the songwriting where each instrument overlaps but they also do their own thing. It’s not complementary so much as collaborative, which is unique in the pop world where simple usually means better. Instead of music to pogo to, Thinkin’ About It is shifty with a groove. It has big release choruses and some potent dynamics changes to control the emotional flow, but it has more depth than a simple heartbeat behind each song. The production matches this vibe, letting each member contribute equally yet with a clean,

It’s good stuff.


7.7 / 10Loren
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7.7 / 10

7.7 / 10

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