Apocalyptic Visions

Ván (2007) Kevin Fitzpatrick

Genocide – Apocalyptic Visions cover artwork
Genocide – Apocalyptic Visions — Ván, 2007

Wow. These guys really hate Jesus. Well, I mean, they seem to hate a lot of things but they really hate Jesus. This is Genocide. Don't confuse them with the twenty-four, yes, twenty-four other bands called Genocide; this is the three guys from Germany with corpse paint. Not to be confused with the Genocide from Finland which was only two guys with corpse paint. Don't confuse them with the other two Genocides from Germany that don't wear corpse paint, either. You think I'm kidding but I'm not. Twenty-four Genocides and the real question is, "Does this one stand out?"

Answer: Not really. Not musically, anyway. These guys are raw as hell but there's no substance to the riffs at all. There's nothing really memorable except the hatred. They remind me of Skrewdriver in that sense. Remember Skrewdriver? They were a skinhead band who were just vicious in their songs about hate er

sorry - "white pride," but that was the only thing that made them stand out because they made just about the shittiest music ever committed to vinyl. But I digress

So despite being from Germany, Genocide doesn't outwardly appear to be Aryan nationalists. They hate everyone equally. There's the standard songs about war, destruction, destructive wars, and how Jesus was "Whining at the cross / Crowned with thorns / Symbol of his might." I think that last line's supposed to be sarcastic.

Did I mention the album is dedicated to "All church burnings worldwide?" You get the idea. Look, hate in music can be just as valid as any other subject matter provided you have the music to back it up, which is not the case here. It would most certainly fall into the "black" category (no shit) but a bit more melodic in song structure or at least attempted melodic song structure. The songs average about four minutes in length so the impatient listener won't have long to wait, provided he/she doesn't mind the next song being as unmemorable as the last.

Genocide – Apocalyptic Visions cover artwork
Genocide – Apocalyptic Visions — Ván, 2007

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