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GG Allin
My Prison Walls

Independent (2016) Kevin Fitzpatrick

GG Allin – My Prison Walls cover artwork
GG Allin – My Prison Walls — Independent, 2016

There's been many words used to describe GG Allin.

Shit Terrorist

Ok, in all fairness, that last one was used to describe Mike Patton, but believe me when I say, folks - it's applicable.

Kevin Michael Allin was not a complex man, but a fucked up individual whose extreme music and shows had a tendency to unnerve even the most hardened of punks.

My Prison Walls is a glimpse into The who, but not so much a glimpse of why.

Not surprising, as this is not a memoir, but a collection of writings during his time in prison along with pictures, correspondence with and from the likes of serial killer John Wayne Gacy. 

This is a beautifully packaged hardcover that belies the chaos of the life between the covers. A life of pain, anger and maybe even misunderstanding. This is not a book to convert the uninitiated, but a book to satiate the already existing fans. It's been almost 25 years since his overdose death in 1993 and we're still no closer to separating the man from the myth but My Prison Walls gives us at least an inkling into the mindset of the man who would write such songs as "I Wanna Kill You" and "Needle Up My Cock".

GG Allin – My Prison Walls cover artwork
GG Allin – My Prison Walls — Independent, 2016

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