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Glorior Belli

Manifesting the Raging Beast

See: Obscurus Advocam

Just kidding. But let’s face it. They are pretty interchangeable, no? Both bands are the vision of French musician Infestuus. Both bands are all just too melodic. Now, call me old-fashioned – but melody has no place in black metal. Bleak, sure. Twisted? Frightening? Suffocating? These are all bad adjectives for relationships, yet all good adjectives for heavy music.

All musicians perform admirably – there’s just an edge that’s lacking that castrates any chance the album ever had. Blastbeats abound, to be sure, but there’s more needed that can’t be found no matter how many repeated listens the buyer can stomach. Okay, okay – if you find Naglefar or Striborg too atmospheric, Glorior Belli may be more suited to your needs, but allow me to steer you to the OG’s of the genre that have introduced melody to their sound over the years: Darkthrone, Immortal, and Mayhem, to name a few (though not the newest Mayhem disc – they’re scary again). Look, I’m trying to do you a favor. This isn’t what I’d necessarily call a “bad” album, but there’s better music out there to be heard. Seek and ye shall find.

5.9 / 10Kevin Fitzpatrick
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5.9 / 10

5.9 / 10

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