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Hawnay Troof

Get Up! Resolution: Love

Who is the Hawnay Troof, you may ask? The Hawnay Troof is a hip-hop project in the vein of early Beastie Boys headed up by 18-year-old Vice Cooler (aka Chris Touchton of XBXRX, K.I.T). The project has many, many contributors, including 900 Dixxx (Bratmobile), Baby Donut (Bratmobile), Lil Jenny (Erase Errata), and Soft Pink Truth, as well as countless others behind the programming and beats.

Now that we have that out of the way, Get Up! Resolution: Love has me breakdancing through my bedroom. It differs greatly from it's predecessor, the Who Likes Ta? EP in a few areas. For starters, the beats and programming side of the record has improved in about a million ways. The last record was great, but some of the beats would repeat too long without vocals over them, and that never happens this time. There are some nice guitar tracks recorded by Vice himself that add to the hookyness of the songs they're in. You can also really hear a lot of XBXRX influence during many of the songs (i.e. "Blow This Place Up").

Lyrically, this record is just great. It's just party mantras ("Anyone wanna gut a cop tonight? Yeah! Yeah! Put your fingers in the air if the feelin's right!") and deep south sass ("If you want to dry hump, get prepared to be dumped...) the whole time, delivered in a take-it-or-leave-it manner (meaning it's not shoved down your throat, like a lot of commercial hip hop is these days).

The Troof has taken this record leaps and bounds over their wonderful debut and have proven that they aren't just some novelty gay hip hop set.

8.9 / 10Dan
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8.9 / 10

8.9 / 10

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