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Lost in Landscapes

Do you remember Ashes? Junction? Hell, even Samuel for that matter? Have your ears ever had the chance to listen to Beta Minus Mechanic? Copper? Idle Hands? Well maybe it's all little rusty for you hardcore kids in the 25 and older age range, so let me refresh your memory. Holy Roman Empire as well as all the bands listed before play post-hardcore with a lead singer that happens to own a vagina. Yes, now you know you've heard this band before.

Holy Roman Empire features ex-members of the Killing Tree, The Suicide File, and Shai Hulud who have given up on mosh parts and sing-a-longs for catchy riffs and sugary sweet female vocals. I don't know exactly at what point in a hardcore kid's life they want to give up the circle pits and the pile-ons for 21+ shows at trendy uptown bars and a maybe a Jade Tree or Equal Vision record deal, but it seemed to happen a lot in the late 90's and the first part of the new millennium.

Lost in Landscapes features six tracks of bombastic heavy guitars that drift into softer melodies as Emily Schambra belts out soulful honest lyrics about relationships and sex in a powerful sultry way. Her golden pipes would not only put her early 90's counterparts to shame but also would make Kelly Clarkson wish she never stepped foot on the American Idol stage. Emily is just that damn good of a singer. Right now, I'm just begging for a hidden track cover of "Since U Been Gone".

The production on Lost in Landscapesis what really propels these songs as it is crisp and clear. It can capture the listener's attention or be subtle enough to be used as background noise. However even while you are working on reviews or homework, your foot will be tapping away to the catchy rhythms and you might find yourself humming along to "Guards Off" or "Your Side" during a 7-Eleven munchie run.

The layout is nothing to write to Meghan Ball about - she sang for Copper and Idle Hands and dated a dude in Snapcase. Yes, I am the Peter Gammons of 90's hardcore. It screams Jade Tree 1996 with its sparse use of dots and fuzzy pictures of the band. However, it works for the band and I expected nothing more or less.

Holy Roman Empire are not exactly reinventing the post-hardcore with female-vocals wheel here, but Lost in Landscapes is an enjoyable listen from start to finish with no real complaints. I just can't help it that I feel like I've heard everything on here before, yeah I know, like anything in hardcore (post or otherwise) is groundbreaking these days. All in all, I would probably venture out to some trendy uptown bar to check these guys and gal out if they ever played the Twin Cities. I would sit back, drink a beer and try to remember whatever happened to my copy of Copper's Drag Queen.

6.8 / 10Jason
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6.8 / 10

6.8 / 10

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