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Honshu Wolves

Cosmic Creature Capture

Over the grassy knoll, down the weed tangled pathway, and to the right of the small babbling brook lays a large one-hundred-year-old oak tree. It has widely been known that the exposed massive root system has been used by generations of wolves for years thus giving many wolf pups their first home prior to venturing out in the unknown darkness.

However, what is more, exciting about this particular den is it's rumored that this particular wolf family is a direct descendant of the Honshu Wolves which have long been extinct in their native Japan since 1905 due to a contagious disease.

In early twilight, the distinctive calling can be heard if one’s ears are pinned to the wind. Sightings are rare or based on overzealous accounts.

The Honshu Wolf is confident and trusting of its own instinct and is often one step ahead of any predator. It trusts its heart and mind and only feeds on what is needed for the family.

Highly elusive but it plays an important role in the re-population of the dwindling wolf population.

Maryanne Shewolf dwells in the shadows of Zaffaraya in Bern, Switzerland away from the confines of everyday civilization, thus being able to ply her trade and create dreamlike psychedelic meanderings that border on White Rabbits and the poetic invocations of The Lizard King. Pulsing purple lights harboring "We Will Fall" and Spaceman 3 into drones of undulation through repetitious cycles of monotony and creation. Fabu and Mige are the passionate peduncles, pious pontiffs that allow Maryanne to journey through the passe-partout -- snarling, howling, baying, guiding, and forming. Catch the surf and ride the peak of the seventh wave. Peel back the layers of the glass onion to find what lies deep in The Honshu Wolves psyche and be rewarded by chimerical scripture with no predefined notions of grandeur. Escape and be free and the soothsayer will chaperone to the Blood Moon where you will bask in the soft red hues falling into submission and succumbing to the pulsing constant rhythm in your mind. Psychedelic shaman soul-selling Devil Blues. Be prepared to be devoured.

8.0 / 10Christopher D
KFAI - Undead
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8.0 / 10

8.0 / 10

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