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Brujas, Cholas e Inventadas

Brujas, Cholas e Inventadas is a fast-paced 7” with 7 songs in maybe 10 minutes. It’s concise but probably the right dose for this style of lo-fi punk by Huraña, a four-piece from Chiapas, Mexico.

With Spanish lyrics and muddy production, the EP is all heart and energy. It’s fierce without being aggressive. It’s melodic without being singalong. It’s potent without being predictable. And it’s also hard to pin down, style-wise. There are late ‘70s/early ‘80s shades and elements of hardcore, crust, and peace punk but it doesn’t really fit any of those categories precisely. It’s always pounding and driving, with energy for a circle pit, for pumping fists in the air, or just for nodding your head and tapping your toe in solitude.

The guitars are the driving force on the record, with echo-effect vocals that give depth and fit the fuzzed-out recording. Behind it all, the rhythm section lays a pummeling foundation. It’s DIY punk, steeped in the classics but delivering its own, unique flavor.

It also features a Vulpress cover (vinyl version only).

7.0 / 10Loren
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Iron Lung


7.0 / 10

7.0 / 10

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