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Post Pop Depression

When Iggy pop parted ways with The Stooges in the mid-seventies, no one really knew what to expect from the man next. If they had been taking bets in Vegas, the highest odds would have gone to: Moving to Berlin to collaborate with David Bowie.

Nevertheless, that's exactly what happened, and the result was his first solo release, The Idiot.

Musically, it was a polarizing album - vastly different than any of his previous releases with The Stooges. Commercially however, it gave Mr. Pop his first Top 40 record. Bowie produced one more album for Iggy while the pair were in Berlin - Lust For Life. All the while putting together three of his own albums - Station to Station, Low and Heroes - what became known as Bowie's 'Berlin Trilogy'.

With the release of Post Pop Depression, Iggy has now completed a trilogy of his own, continuing on where Lust For Life left off in 1977.

Post Pop Depression (heretofore known as PPD) wasn't recorded in Berlin, but rather, the high desert of Joshua Tree. More specifically, the Rancho De La Luna, home base for many artists, but probably most famously, Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme.

Though PPD is an Iggy Pop record, it is most definitely a full collaboration of Homme and Pop. Both had wanted to work together for some time and when they each had a clear couple of weeks on their calendar, they snuck away and made this glorious coupling of aural sex. This is a collaboration in the truest sense as both men's greasy fingerprints are all over every note from beginning to end.

Break Into Your Heart
I'm gonna crawl under your skin…

Letting us know immediately that we’re in for the unexpected , Iggy and Josh’s voices dreamily remind us not to overthink it. Just close your eyes, lay your head back and enjoy the ride.

Now where do you roam…

This was the first time any of us had even heard of the album, with Mr. Homme and Mr. Pop announcing the project and then performing the song all at once on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. A song of love and loss – like Brick by Brick’s “Candy” with a lush arrangement and more swagger.

American Valhalla
I’ve shot my gun, I’ve used my knife…

I’m gonna be honest here, if you’ve reached track number 3 and are still riding that tall fence of opinion, you’re listening to the wrong album. By now, you’re either all in, or you’re wrong. Dead wrong. An Asian inspired vibraphone leads us into some groovy-ass bass work from Homme, who is just as adept on four-strings as he is with six.

In The Lobby
It’s all about the kicks…

This is probably the closest to a Queens of the Stone Age song as you’re going to get on this album. Aesthetically, this would sound right at home on Era Vulgaris.

The street is as cold as a corporate lawsuit…

When I hear this song, I picture Iggy in the studio dancing in that very Iggy-way that none of us mere mortals can ever hope to replicate. Great guitar work here from Homme and QOTSA guitarist Dean Fertita.

Hoping to profit, he’s nobody’s friend…

This is an album that keeps a smile on the listener’s face throughout, but this song is the one whose delivery comes close bringing to bringing the fun meter to a lower register, but then Mr. Pop’s refrain of “ooo-weee-ooo” goes and buries the needle again, reminding us of what a national treasure the Michigan-man truly is.

German Days
Let’s Drink Champagne on ice…

A swirling little drinking song suitable for Oktoberfest, Paddy’s Day and Bar Mitzvahs.

Chocolate Drops
When you get to the bottom you’re near the top…

It occurs to me as I listen to this, that this is the penultimate song and like a splash of cold water in the face it hits me – I really, really don’t want this album to end. I want Pop and Homme to go full-on Lucas and make this the beginning of a whole new series. There’s a synchronicity between the two, whether it’s kismet, serendipity or just dumb luck, that’s something to behold.

I won’t stop to say goodbye…

As the band prepares to send us into the cold, dark night, they’re kind enough to wrap us up in this warm, snuggly (in a very Pop-esque way, of course) track that I’ve been humming for days and loving every minute of it.

Iggy has gone on record as saying Post Pop Depression could very well be his swansong. I get it. I do. The man has lived enough of a life to satiate the most bacchanalian horde, but selfishly, I don’t want this to end. I want this party to go on until I’m forcefully dragged from the room. There’s a brief tour to accompany this album. I will be sure to be there and you should be sure to be there, too. With the life he’s lived and career he’s had, there’s a good chance that this is indeed it, so I don’t know about you folks, but I’m damn sure I want to at least be there for last call.

9.4 / 10Kevin Fitzpatrick
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9.4 / 10

9.4 / 10

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