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I'll admit, I wasn't expecting to enjoy this album quite as much as I did. Though it's not perfect, Lockerbie's 2011 release Ólgusjór is something that pretty much everyone will find something to like about.

They have the same kitschy Icelandic appeal and post-rock sound of Sigur Rós combined with the accessibility and songwriting of Coldplay. There are tons of bright pianos and synthesized brass; short, versechorus songs; predictable, gratifying melodies; and swelling cathartic buildups to be found on this album. Basically nothing that could possibly be abrasive to the senses.

The only major issue with it is that it tends to get a bit repetitive. There isn't a lot of change up in the sound on the album, and after forty minutes of it, you can get a bit sick of it. Then again, that tends to be a matter of personal taste; if that sounds like your thing, more power to you.

Though there isn't a lot of challenging material here, Ólgusjór is nonetheless a really enjoyable experience. If you need a nice, laid-back album to listen to that still has emotional movement, look no further.

6.5 / 10Sarah
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6.5 / 10

6.5 / 10

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